Ten Things I Do Not Do

I have no idea what I was reading when the thought occurred to me, “oh, I don’t do that.”  And with one thought leading to another, this blog post idea was born.  I was able rather quickly to list off several things that I do not do.  Things that, perhaps, many – or even most – other folks might do.  I often shy away from things that I perceive “everyone else” is doing, purchasing, consuming, etc.  I am almost anti-brand loyal.  Go figure. No real reason here that I can think of but it is true.  And the purpose of this post is not to make a statement (of any kind) or even to start an argument.  All opinions expressed here are strictly that – my preferences and opinion.  And are mentioned just for fun:)

After creating this list, I though I would go back and include whether or not, I should – indeed – be doing any of these things.  A little honest evaluation of my own thinking.  I’m pretty sure that I already know the truth:  I’m an old lady set in her ways.  But, let’s get started.  Number one comes from the afore-mentioned thought.

1 – I do not/am not brand loyal.  Like I said, almost the opposite.  There was a day when I really wanted to drive a Lexus.  Thought the Lexus SUV was the perfect car for me:).  That was before every other car on the road (or at least with drivers in my demographic) was a Lexus or some version of the original Lexus.  Now, I will never be able to drive one.  Sigh.  Nor will I own an Apple product, carry a Coach handbag, and the list goes on.  Nothing wrong with any of them.  I just can’t follow the crowd.   SHOULD I?  I will admit that it would not hurt – and a shiny, new Lexus in my garage certainly would not hurt my feelings.  But, at this point, this idea is so engrained in me, I probably would not enjoy any of it, so I will say NO.

2 – I do not lay out, before bed, my clothes for the next day.  I actually think this was the thought that prompted this post.  I know a lot of people who have this habit, but I have never done this.  Even when I was working full time.  I really have not seen that choosing what I want to wear in the morning takes a lot of time.  I can think of some things that would be timesavers but this one just does not seem to apply to me.  SHOULD I?  At the season of life, I certainly do not need to decide beforehand what I am wearing for the day.  This is a definite NO.

3 – I do not use shaving cream.   The reason for this is rather odd.  Shaving cream cans leave rust rings in the shower.  It is aggravating and I will not buy them.  I did find a plastic tube of shaving cream (much like toothpaste) on a clearance rack once and bought it.  I will admit, shaving with said cream was nicer than using soap.  But I have not been able to find that product or one similar to it since then.  And, so, soap it is.  SHOULD I?  Well, it would be nice but not worth the rust.  I will say MAYBE for this one.

4 – I do not use sunscreen on my face.  Like I said, not trying to cause a stir but sunscreens are so toxic.  I firmly believe we overdo it with sunscreen but I will leave it at that.  I have always relied on the sunscreen in my makeup and keeping my face shielded/out of the sun. SHOULD I?  No.

5 – I do not drink 8 ounces of water a day.  I do purposely drink water…keeping a filled glass on the counter and drinking throughout the day.  Six ounces seems to be a good amount for me.  Whenever I push myself to drink eight, my stomach hurts.  Food pyramids and suggested dietary guidelines are just that – guidelines.  We also have to make the best decisions for our own bodies.  SHOULD I?  Only if I’m really thirsty, but not because “they” say so.

6 – I do not wear a face mask.  For a post that is meant to be fun, I might be pushing it.  No, I rarely (if ever) wear a mask – but I certainly do not wear a mask when I am in my car.  Alone.  And I just do not understand this one.  Mind you, I have family members  who have very different opinions than mine (and probably drive around town fully masked) and I still love them.  If you do, that’s okay.  But I don’t get it.  SHOULD I?  I’ll just let this one go.

7 – I do not listen to the news.  I stopped doing so mid-pandemic and I have not missed it at all.  This one (new) habit has done so much for my anxiety and mental health in general.  Not only was the news making me depressed and stressed, it also just made me agitated and angry.  At the situation, at those reporting it and at media in general.  I do not miss feeling angry.  SHOULD I?  Definitely NOT.

8 – I do not eat after eight o’clock.  For a while, I was trying intermittent fasting.  But “food rules” quickly take over and get extreme for me.  My IF window started getting smaller and smaller and, well, it got out of hand for me.  Finishing eating in the evening is a much better guideline for me.  It stops the mindless eating and the munching on less than healthy snack foods.  I also started eating breakfast again which feels so much better (so much!)  Physically and mentally.  SHOULD I?  I don’t need to eat after eight, but if the situation arose – we are out to dinner, let’s say – then YES I would.  It is a guideline.  Not a food law.

9 – I do not eat fast food.  This is not a “rule” or even a guideline….but just a habit, I suppose.  We tried to limit fast food for our children when they were young.  We only ate at Burger King when we were making road trips and, so, it was a treat for the kids.  Of course, they had fast food when they were on activities or out with friends, but I do not remember many trips thought our local drive-through.  That was years ago and, I suppose, the habit just stuck.  Today, I do not eat fast food and neither do either of my adult children.  On a side note, we don’t drink soda either.  None of us.  I suppose for the same reason.  I raised my kiddos on tea:)  I will admit, there was a time when Chick-Fil A first came to our area, that I was rather hooked.  That lasted for several years but eventually waned.  Especially once I became a vegetarian.  I did have a CFA milkshake over the holidays!  Everyone has their concessions:)

One of last times I ate at a burger fast food restaurant was in Thailand.  So, several years ago.  I was traveling with a group (on a missions trip) and, obviously, was not in charge of the restaurant choices.  I think I have mentioned it here before, but the hamburgers were served with rice.  Indeed.  And the famous apple pies?  They served corn pies.  Oh yes they did.  I, honestly, cannot remember what I order and/or ate there.  Interesting SHOULD I?  I guess I will say NO here as well but, again, if the situation called for it……

10 – I do not menu plan.  Ok, this is one that I can I YES, I should do.  When I was feeding my family of five, I was an obsessive menu plan.  And a rather inflexible menu planner, I might add.  But we won’t mention that.  My poor family.  These days, meal plans are much more fluid.  I have a general idea of meals for the week but those plans change often.  With food prices so high right now, I have often thought some meal planning would really be beneficial.

Here are a few other (very) random things that I do not do.  And without my commentary or (not exactly necessary) explanation.  These are more appropriately stated, I very rarely.  I may, on rare occasion, do a few of these.  I do not or very rarely:  iron, read for entertainment,  take baths, go in the ocean, eat meat, journal, wear flipflops, order dessert, remember to floss, or text with my thumbs.  That one I have tried but it is impossible for this old lady.  Now, will you tell me one thing that you do not do?  Just for fun!!

19 thoughts on “Ten Things I Do Not Do

  1. Good morning Jennifer 🙂 Hmmmm…. just one thing? I will not, never have, never will eat crawfish. And I live in crawfish country, where people wait for the spring, when certain restaurants start serving them. Then I have to sit there smelling the nastiness of the seasoning they use and watch my husband peel and basically eat a bug that crawled out of the ground. Whenever I start seeing the signs about crawfish being available, I cringe. (Oh, and I don’t believe in masks. Just had to throw that in. Or the jab. But you only said one, so I’m whispering this, so no one can hear me.)

    1. Crawfish? Um, I think I would pass on that. Or anything that you have to peel, pull or prod out of its shell, etc. Nope!

  2. I am so with you on most of these! We don’t have iPhones (we hate Apple products), I am very much anti-brand most of the time (except for the beautiful Michael Kors purse I treated myself to on my birthday with my gift $$), I won’t ever drive a white vehicle (because everyone in the blessed US of A drives a white SUV of some sort), I never (or rarely) wear a mask, I never watch/listen to the news, and I rarely eat fast food these days. No wonder we get along so well!

    So, I love sushi, but only the kind with the cooked fish in each roll. I’ve had a bite of one with raw fish before, and while it wasn’t bad and I couldn’t even tell it wasn’t cooked, I will never eat it again. It’s just the thought. Bleh. That being said, I am a very adventurous eater and will try almost anything, excluding anything with a bug in it (think Thailand). This was a super fun read!

    1. You are right. So many white cars!! Good for you – being adventurous when you eat. Well, minus the bug. I don’t think anyone would ever call me adventurous when it comes to eating.

  3. I agree with you on some of these things. I do enjoy my Vera Bradley bags and wallets and we are Apple phone and iPad users. One thing I don’t do is drink any kind of alcohol. Only once ever did I try some. I was given a free complimentary glass of champagne on a cruise. I took 2 sips, hated it, and gave it to my great aunt who loved it. lol This was a fun post and I enjoyed reading it.

  4. Will you still be friends with Lexus drivers? And water and pop guzzlers? And Apple product owners? And fast food eaters? And readers? Oh, I think I know the answer ;). Variety is the spice of life, right, lol. There is a reason some car brands have loyal followings. My Lexus (not purchased brand new) SUV has been the best vehicle that I’ve owned. It now has almost 100k miles and I hope to drive it 100k more. I am in agreement with you on several of these… Fun to read and to learn more about you! Have a great day!!

    1. We will be still be friends. I might be a tad jealous, but definitely still friends! LOL. I’m cool with it. All the cool people drive a Lexus. I was just too slow in getting one!:)

  5. Other than menu planning I am right there with you on all of these! I don’t enjoy menu planning and I don’t always follow my menu plan but it does make grocery shopping for all of us much easier… and lets the others in the house have input on what we eat too.

  6. That was fun! I’m a planner, so I plan my clothes and meal plan. I’m also not brand loyal, especially for those expensive things.
    No masks for me either. I’m a nurse and had to wear them at work for far too long!

  7. Oh, this was fun. I’m trying to think of things I will not do. I would have said I would not drive a Cadillac. They are just so passe’ . Back when I was growing up (in the last mid century) a Cadillac was the status sign of prosperity. Not so much anymore, but to me they have a certain stigma and I would not drive one. Took a ride in one one time, and that was a funny story for another time. I do, however, prefer to buy an American made vehicle. I refuse to support other countries when we should be supporting our own people and manufacturers. I try to look for “made in the USA” on everything I buy, even though that is not always possible or practical anymore, but at least I try. No, I don’t choose my clothes the night before, unless I am planning to attend a special occasion like a wedding or another semi-formal event. Then I plan for weeks while I try to figure out what to where. I am retired now and rarely dress up at all, except on Sunday, and even that is semi-casual these days. No, I do not wear a mask, unless required to to enter a building like a doctor’s office or something. Then they better have the disposable kind available because I do not carry them with me anymore. I get rather disturbed now when I see children wearing masks (I always was against that practice), and I have to bite my tongue to stay quiet about it. I do not drink sodas either…maybe a rare ginger ale or root beer, but that is rare. I don’t handle the caffeine or sugar well in a soda, but I also will not drink a diet drink of any kind. I do drink unsweet iced tea, but I also will add a little sugar to my cup of hot tea. I do drink a lot of water and keep a Tervis 32 oz. glass of ice water with me everywhere I go. I prefer NOT to drink bottled water unless that is my only option, and then I prefer spring water to those other kinds like Dasani, etc. (they taste terrible). I do not drink alcohol either. I do not eat fast food either, unless we are traveling and there is no other option, but then I will usually choose the least offending option like a salad or a grilled chicken sandwich. I rarely eat french fries, but I do love sweet potato fries. I do not eat margarine and prefer real butter. I do not buy brand names of anything unless it is a very good sale and I really need the item. I do, however, have an apple I phone, but bought it reconditioned for $50.00 and pray it keeps working. I refuse to pay big money for a cellphone and we have a cheap tracfone plan. No contracts. Let’s see, what else? I will not go to Disney world for various reasons. Thankfully, even when our only grandson was little he never expressed any interest in going there, and so we never had to go. LOL. We did take our children when they were very small, but that was back in the early 1980’s, before things changed so much (and before it was so expensive). We live in Florida, and personally I think Disney has ruined our beautiful state. I know many will disagree, but I prefer natural beauty and natural outdoor activities to fake man made “adventures”. Okay, that’s my list. There’s probably more, but I am sure to step on someone’s toes if I keep going. But like you said, these are our own preferences and we should be allowed to express them without causing disagreements. I do not criticize others for their choices, I just prefer my own decisions for whatever my reasons may be. LOL. Yes, diversity makes the world go round! Have a blessed and beautiful day my friend.

    1. Oh what a fun comment! I have to agree – Disney changed Florida forever. Oh, I do love spring water. Yes, indeed. And I had to laugh when you decided to stop so as to not step on anyone’s toes. I was worried about that the whole time I was typing this post – but everyone seems to have had fun with it! Thankfully. I don’t really blog to step on toes:)

  8. Hi there! I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it. This sure got me thinking. I am with you on most of these. However, I am a planner for most things.
    I loosely plan my dinners so I know what to buy at the store and what we’ll be eating on a given day. But, I include a disclaimer on all plans with “subject to change!” LOL If one of our kids says, “We’re going out tonight. Want to come?” I’m dropping my dinner plan and grabbing my (non-branded) handbag! I don’t plan my outfits for the next day, unless it’s a special event. Again, all plans subject to change!
    I don’t use my phone to view menus or order on an app! To my adult kids’ consternation, I will ask for a menu. They always roll their eyes. LOL (But, I think they are secretly pleased when we are ALL brought a menu to see.) Since the pandemic so many restaurants have switched to digital menus where you have to scan a QR code to view the menu. I’m old and I refuse to do that. I also will not order from an app.
    Another thing I don’t do is use a credit card for a purchase under $10. And, again, my adult kids roll their eyes and call me a dinosaur when I use cash. (They’ll sarcastically say, “Where do you even GET cash?! Do you print it yourself?” LOL My kids keep me laughing, I love them all!

    1. Tammy – I am so glad you stopped by….and took the time to comment! I’m right there with you – I really want a menu. And once I ask for one, everyone seems to look at it:) And using a credit card for tiny purchases….i yi yi!! Too funny – “are you printing cash yourself”!?! I hope you will stop by again and I look forward to visiting your blog!

    2. Ah, well only now do I notice that I have an email address and not a blog address. Hmmm- do you blog? Either way, so glad you found your way to my blog!!

  9. What a fun post!! I loved this peek into you. I’m with you on the masks. OMGOSH WHY do people wear a mask ALONE in a car?? it just looks stupid. period. hahah. hope i don’t offend anyone with that but it’s stupid and makes NO SENSE. then again Americans have lost most common sense. I did wear a mask of course during the pandemic as I”m a teacher of special needs prek kiddoes and it was required. I’m glad i did because they couldn’t get vaccinated and are fragile little humans. One thing I dont do: get the flu shot or the covid 19 booster. NO way.
    I found your “I don’t drink 8 oz of water a day” well NO one should only drink that amount. hahahah Water is about the only thing I drink. My ob/gyn (i’m 63) told me about 20 years ago that all people should drink half their weight in water ounces. but other sources like the Mayo Clinic say you should drink 1 ounce for every pound you weigh. I weigh about 128 and drink an average of 52 ounces a day. Water and 3 mugs of coffee with a splash of maple syrup and a drop of unsweetened almond milk are my main beverages.
    When my girls were little I taught them from preschool to junior high (after that they were on their own in regards to clothing) to lay out their outfits the night before…..we would put them on their desk chairs. this helped them with organizational skills and helped the morning routine move along. for me personally I used to try to have an idea of what I would wear to teach, or to church the night before, just to make my own morning go well. one year I did a thing: I didn’t wear the same thing twice to work ALL year. That was fun!
    For me: I AM an Apple product person. Married to a software developer. Apple is superior. period. But I could live without my iphone. I love my MacBook Pro though. I do NOT watch the news either. Ever since the former president before this one took office. As a Christ follower, I just couldn’t stomach his racism, arrogance, uncouthness, etc etc…….I would literally feel rage and hate boil up in my heart and so I was convicted to stop watching the news. I do read our Albany Times newspaper every weekend and whatever local headline comes across my phone. But I NEVER watch the news any more on television. I do try to pray for our nation and its leaders. but even that I find difficult.
    I do an outline of a menu plan (just got back in to the habit after years of not doing one). We are now full time empty nesters and Yes I still teach full time. my plan is flexible though. I list it on my blog every Sat or Sun with links to some of the recipes but it’s not set in stone. For instance, I might make on Tuesday what is listed for Wed. It just helps me stay on a budget at the market. It also helps me see where i need to put more plant based items in to our week. Our youngest daughter became a full vegan at age 17 to stop her acne (it worked!!) and our oldest was kind of picky ….both are on their own now and youngest is still a vegan and the healthiest of us all. I’m mostly plant based (I haven’t eaten beef or pork since 2014 and never eat turkey except once in a great while). I do eat chicken about once a week and I do eat grilled salmon when I can get it in the warmer months. I haven’t had cows milk since I was 45 yrs old. I had no trouble switching to unsweetened almond milk for coffee and cereal and I bake/cook with oat milk.
    I do NOT eat at fast food restaurants. I DO NOT drink soda. Ever. Except coke with rum sometimes. that is it!!
    I DO NOT smoke. never have. I DO NOT drink beer. i hate it.
    I DO NOT read sappy romances. I DO read avidly….it’s my fave hobby. I DO hike often. I love to climb mountains but i DO NOT ski.
    This was fun.

    1. Faith – loved your comment and your visit! Like a wonderful chat with a friend over coffee. Well, over the internet!! So much fun reading your answers and thoughts….and getting to know you more! Oh, and I do NOT ski either!!:)

  10. I am the same as you with a few of these, personally much prefer soap to shaving cream! I don’t eat fast food either, unless pizza counts? I love a good meal plan though 🙂

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