Ten Things I Love About Spring

Happy Tuesday!  And it is a glorious one here on the East Coast!  Spring has arrived (dare I think that it will stay…without one final blast from winter!?)  Without going there,  I’m going to enjoy this day – and this week – to the fullest!  Spring is such a poignant and wonderful reminder of God’s faithfulness.  After the deadness that so easily describes winter, the signs of spring remind us not only of new life but of His faithful love.  Of new mercies.  That joy does return and God has not forgotten nor is He no longer in control.  Oh no.  When I wait patiently and expectantly, the signs are there.  He has been at work all winter.  Preparing for the spring!!  Each small bud.  Every new songbird.  The warm afternoon rays of sunshine.  All of them are God’s reminders.  Spring brings fresh life to the earth….as well as to my spirit!!

What is there not to love about spring?  I can’t think of a thing.  I do not suffer from pollen but, truly, I don’t think even allergies could dampen my love for spring.  Just guessing.  Here are just a few of my favorite things this season.  Ten on the Tenth about spring!!  (It is a link-up and the others can be found here.)

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME – it begins this weekend.  I know there are some, for a variety of reasons, that don’t really like this disruption of the clock and routine but, personally, I am all for it.  I love the longer evenings.  I honestly feel more energetic and just plain healthier.  Did you know there is a push to make DST permanent…with no more switching back and forth?  Several states are already voting to do so.  What do you think?

ALFRESCO DINING – ok, honestly, it might be a tad early to be eating our meals outside (which we do love to do) but the extra light in the evening and nicer temperatures do lend themselves to some nice time on the porch after dinner.  Evenings on the porch are some of our favorite times!!

SPRING WARDROBE – I am much more a fan of my spring/summer clothes than I am of my winter ones.  Sure, I enjoy “sweater weather” but the heavy, bulky clothes of winter just make me feel (and look) well…heavy and bulky!  I am very ready for the closet change.

OPEN WINDOWS – I have not opened the windows much yet but I think that will change…even this week!  I say it every year, the open windows let in all the pollen and, yes, there is plenty of extra dusting, etc. but I think it is well worth it!  I love the breeze and the fresh air.  Again, I just feel better.

BUDS – the first forsythia and jonquil blooms.  The little yellow daffodils.  And, of course, the redbuds.  They hold so many wonderful memories for me.  Those memories are already bringing me joy – see this post – and they never fail to do so.  I find myself pointing them out with the same enthusiasm.  More and more, I am turning into my parents!!:)

SMELL OF CUT GRASS – I haven’t enjoyed this one yet but it is coming fast.  I know it.  I suppose this one is also associated with wonderful memories but I just love the smell of fresh-cut grass.  Why is that not a candle??

KIDS PLAYING OUTSIDE – not only is (almost) everything brown, pale or “dead” looking during the winter, it is also eerily quiet.  I enjoy the sounds of life once everyone begins to emerge from their warm homes again!  The sounds of life are great and, once again, remind me of my childhood.  Wonderful memories.

SPRING CLEANING – yes, cleaning!  I’m one of those crazy ones who not only does not mind cleaning but actually (for the most part) enjoys it!  It is very satisfying.  The end product puts me in a happy place:)  Of course, cleaning – especially the deeper cleaning of “spring cleaning” – usually includes organizing and it is no secret that organizing is my jam.  Ha.

EASTER – which, of course, is the foundation of my faith.  The resurrection.  Without it, my faith would be completely in vain.  I love all that Easter is about.  And I love the traditions of Easter.   Yes, it is not exactly the same with an empty nest but I am having some Easter fun with my Junior Church little ones!  There is a lot of fun associated with Easter!

BIRTHDAY:)  I would be joking if I didn’t say I enjoy birthday celebrations.  We have several in April….including mine!!  So many chances to enjoy cake.  This year, mine will have to be sugar-free.  Hmm – any suggestions?  And, any other ideas/thoughts of what you love about spring.  Please share in the comments.  I will ooh and ahh right along with you!!

9 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About Spring

  1. Ha! I mentioned my mom’s spring birthday but failed to mention my own and that of my granddaughter Lucia. Are you an Aries girl by chance? I don’t hold stock in horoscope but think it is fun to read some of the personality traits associated with different signs.
    The smell of a freshly mown lawn. How could I forget that one?? Oh, and forsythia. I used to love to smell it when we lived in Boston but I can’t find it in El Paso. Probably too hot. But what a sweet childhood fragrance.
    Thank you for joining me, friend!!

    1. I am a Taurus:) Your birthday is in April, too?? I do hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip! What a treat!!:)

  2. Spring is my favorite time of the year also! New life, new birth in Christ, and all the birds returning are my favorites. We have March Birthdays in our family, so that counts for spring right? Happy Early Birthday to you!

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