Thankful for Friends – and Quiet:)

Thankful Thursday…..

It was wonderful (yes, wonderful) to have Riley and her mommy:) here all last week! We are thankful for the simple, yet fun, things we were able to do and that the weather was actually rather pleasant. Riley is still on a pretty tight schedule so we did not do anything that kept us away from the house too long (read that – at naptime!) but even the simplest things done with child are sweet – fun! Our trip to the mall turned out to be one the highlights of the week. Riley rode the carousel (in the mall) and the train that rides throughout the mall. You’d have thought we were at Disney! I will try to have that much fun again the next time I’m at the mall!

I am thankful for every day they were here. But – don’t read here Erica:) – it also nice to have the house “back to normal” with just Hubbie and I puttzing around….just the boring two of us! Our life is simple – and quiet – but it feels good. And I am thankful for that as well. Funny – both of us are somewhat OCD about “a place for everything and everything in its place…” so it feels good to have things in their place. (I’ve got to starting working early on Miss Riley to put each and every toy neatly back in its place….ha ha and LOL!)

That said – can’t wait for them to come back – maybe Daddy can come next time, too. Life is one paradox…I’m tellin’ you. Some other things I am thankful for this week:

**my friend, Judy. It was her birthday this week. She and I have been friends since elementary school (long time!) and she is a wonderful person, mom and friend! She has a terrific sense of humor and she really likes to laugh. I don’t laugh nearly enough (you know, its supposed to be good for you…as well as fun) and she ALWAYS gets me laughing – and laughing hard! I hope her day was fantastic.

**warmer weather these past couple days and the hat, scarf and gloves staying in the closet!

**seeing God’s working on a deep prayer request of mine.

**my senior friend, Nellie and her husband, Paul. They seem to face a new challenge every week and they do get overwhelmed at times. However, their testimonies – as sweet saints as well as a couple – are such an encouragement to me. Their bodies may be old and frail and their circumstances are often difficult but they have one another and they love the Lord. It really is sweet.

**this verse from my Bible reading this morning

“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Romans 5:1

3 thoughts on “Thankful for Friends – and Quiet:)

  1. As always I can so relate to your heart. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when my grandkids are here…all the little sweet things they say and do…but oh the confusion, noise, and mess, haha. Very often after they have all cleared out my hubby and I will look at each other and smile and say, "Are they FINALLY GONE?" haha Only another Grandma can get this. lol I love that you can love when they are here, and love when they all go home. And yet….long for the time when they are all back. And laughing? Nothing better than a GOOD laugh with a GREAT friend. Hugs, Debbie

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Good list of Thankfuls.
    Be sure to come over and check out my post from Wed. Jan 20th! I have a surprise for you!! It is down towards the bottom of the post.
    Glad you are enjoying your nice peaceful life again, I know what you mean about that!! You love to see them come but you also like the normalcy of life with hubby as well.
    We love to see our Rosie (our grandaughter dog) but we are also
    happy to see her go, so we get a break from the responsiblity too.
    and she is just a dog, a high maintenace dog, but still not nearly as high maintenance as a child. lol
    Have a great day,
    Blessings, Nellie

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