Thankful Thursday

Well, its actually Tuesday but I wanted to leave a Thankful Thursday post. How thrilled I am for the opportunity to travel (so easily) to see Jordan’s graduation! I know when my hubbie completed his basic training – from the Army – WAY BACK WHEN….his mother did not have the luxury to make the trip to watch her boy. I’m sure she would have loved to be there. And shortly after finishing Basic, he was sent to Germany – by ship transport!! Not only was she not able to visit, there were very few phone calls even made between there and home. How grateful I am not only for all the advancements in technology but that God has personally allowed me to make my trip to Texas.
I can’t wait to get home and tell anyone who will listen all about it. No post tomorrow – but I will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend!!

7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I bet you are thankful!
    We have been in San Antonio before when there was a graduation…. there were young Airmen in uniform all over the place! 🙂

    I hope you are having a great time…. we’ll be waiting here to hear all about it!

  2. I pray you get at least one more hug than you were counting on getting while you are down there =)
    God bless him and the sacrifice he is making for our country.

  3. Jennifer, this time we are going on the Candida diet, and you can read about it on the

    It causes the built up yeast to die and purge from your intestinal track, as you cut out all sugar. You can drink a little Bentonite clay mixed with water to help the impurities leave your body through the bowels. (When you cut out sugar and caffiene you can have a headache and withdrawal symptoms at first)

    A doctor put us on it years ago and we followed it faithfully and lost 5o pounds and never felt better.

    You eat lean meats and veggies and cut out all sugar, even fruit for a time cuz sugar feeds the yeast. So does fermented food and cheeses and mold producing foods are bad for ya. After two or three weeks on the diet you can add a little fresh fruit and all-fruit or just-fruit spreads in moderation. But not unless you are feeling well.

    If you have a problem when adding fruit,(like feeling dizzy or ill) cut back on it until more yeast dies off and is purged. Eventually you start to feel really good.

    You avoid all artificial additives and sweeteners and chemicals and preservatives, and colorings. You drink water only but lots of it, or a little green DECAF tea, or fresh veggie juices.

    And you cut out bread too, except for whole wheat biscuits and tortillas which you make fresh. And tablewater crackers are ok too.
    I think they are made out of rice.

    Also rice cakes are allowed and you can spread natural nut butters on them in moderation,…but not peanut butter because of mold. Back when we were on it, cashew butter felt like a special treat, or almond butter. (I can’t do this anymore cuz I have nut allergies.)

    I juiced veggies too. Organic veggies are best for juice because they don’t have poisons on them.

    Wild, longrain, and brown rice are allowed. And an occassional potato or yam. Soaked beans, (overnight)

    You cut back on salt/sodium and don’t eat canned foods because of that. Use sea salt in moderation. Fresh herbs are best.

    Fresh or frozen food only only. Except for tuna packed in water. Onions and garlic are allowed and good for you, cooked or fresh.

    You cut out dairy but if you must have it,… in moderation, organic milk and non-aged white cheese is best, and you can make “better butter” which is half organic butter, mixed with olive oil equal amts. and a dash of seasalt,…(take room temp butter and blend all in the blender and store in a container in fridge and it spreads easily. (it gets a little runny if you leave it out too long, but it firms up when refrigerated again).

    Also a little of organic, plain yogurt can be eaten, and is good for the good bacteria,…as is Threelac, a digestive probiotic that you take before meals to help with digestion.

    There is lots of info online, or you can get a book called The Yeast Connection.

    You can eat till you feel full but not in big quantities,…use common sense and smaller portions and small snacks of fresh veggies in between,..or a ricecake etc.. We were never very hungry and didn’t feel like we were on a diet.

    For a short time you can kinda feel like you have the flu when the die off begins,…but it doesn’t last long and it is worth it when you start feeling so much better.

    I hope this helps explain it,…but like I said you can read online.

    I also take Citrical Calicium,… and also a B-complex capsule to give energy.

    Regular bedtimes, and moderate exercise like walking, and fresh air and sunshine,…and always prayer and uplifting music.

    Relaxing baths are good too, or a jet bath with epsom salt and baking soda is very good to do before bed to relax.

    I hope you stay in remission.
    God Bless!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
    There is also a good book called The Maker’s Diet, by Jordin Rubin

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