Thankfully, the snow did not last!

Another woman’s daybook entry for today…. Outside my window…there is huge improvement over the weekend.  When the weatherman last week hinted at snow for this past weekend, I scoffed. Well, I guess the joke was on me.  It did, indeed, snow…and sleet, and rain, with some freezing rain and then more snow.  We did not have accumulation but just down the road (no joke) they had a couple inches.  In my mind, October is WAY too early for snow! I am thinking….about the holidays.  (and I’m okay with snow on Christmas!!) I am thankful….for November almost being here – just one more day!  Not sure why but October seems to have been long and I’m looking to “that clean slate feeling” that comes with flipping the calendar:) I am wearing….house-cleaning clothes – which basically means nothin’ too pretty and I haven’t even done my hair yet!  But I have been productive this morning – have both the refrig and the pantry completely cleaned and reorganized. I am remembering…..the first days of Tyler’s diagnosis – all the tests and “urgent” doctor appointments and being hurled into a whole new “world” that was so foreign to us…we really did not know to be terrified.  Now when I look back – I do know.  I don’t often “go back”….but, lately, I have. I am going….to work tonight – at the store.  Why the retail world starts Christmas so early is beyond me??  It is insanity in our store but I have noticed that not a soul is buying the Christmas merchandise – they are just trying to navigate around it to find one simple card!  Trust me…it is that bad.  I am reading…..nothing really.  Need to start reading some new recipe ideas to get my brain in gear for holiday cooking and menus. I am hoping….to keep my weight in check and under control over the next two months. On my mind…..Tyler.  My own health. Tyler.  A young man (a relative of a friend at church) named Andrew who recently arrived at Bethesda after being severely injured in Afghanistan (a triple amputee).   Oh, and Tyler. From the kitchen….corn chowder!  Around the house….it is quiet except for the Smoky Mountain Hymns playing through the stereo.  Some days I just “need” some mountain music:) Plans for the week…other than work:)  there is Bible study on Tuesday – studying God’s promises!  Wednesday the carpets are getting cleaned – hooray! And, HOPEFULLY, we can take a day trip on Saturday…we will see if that one comes together. One Some of my favorite things: flannel sheets, candles that smell like coffee, sugar free chocolate candy – especially Russell Stover, Christmas music (no, I haven’t started it…..yet!) and lunch dates with a girlfriend.

6 thoughts on “Thankfully, the snow did not last!

  1. Hello! I am with you….October has seemed REALLY long. I am looking forward to November too.

    Don't the stores just kill you? They were putting Christmas stuff up around here and it was EARLY Oct.!! Soo crazy. And your right, no one is actually buying anything which makes you wonder why they do it. I imagine working in it makes it that much worse.

    Corn chowder sounds good! I am REALLY battling staying on my diet over here…I am just sooo sick of it. And so I told myself, just eat a thing or two and TRY and maintain for a while and then just get back on. But I noticed this morning when I weighed myself I have gained 3 pounds!! I guess I only do two things…..gain or lose (and mainly gain I seem to have down) sigh….I have got to get a grip. I am going back on tight again, but I am NOT happy about it.

    I pray your memories of Tyler are good ones, and fill your heart with comfort. If you ever want to talk about him or tell someone the stories of his life, I'd love to hear them all.

    Hope you have a good day!!


  2. I was in my cleaning clothes all day also! Was going to change to head down to Michael's football game but it was cancelled so I never changed. Sorry your mind is going back to sad times. I cannot even begin to imagine what you go through on a daily basis. I'll be praying for you tonight. And yes, I'm going to watch my weight these next few months and hope nothing changes. Hope you had a good day even if you did have to venture out and work!

  3. I am so glad your snow didn't stay around jennifer, it is way to early for snow anywhere. I always enjoy reading Daybooks,. they seem to take me right into where you are. I enjoy mountains hymns too, but I must confess to listening to Christmas cds this week.

    As you are remembering Tyler, May you feel God's love and your friends, including me wrapped around you.

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