Thanksgiving ABCs for 2022

Happy Thanksgiving (Eve)!  Let me say thank you to everyone who stops by and visits this space of mine.  Some of you leave comments, some reach out by way of email and others simply let me know that you have been reading.  And, I know, there are others as well.  All of you in this blogging community are a blessing, an encouragement, and simply a bright spot throughout my week!  Thank you for consistently dropping by…and, for those who blog as well, I so appreciate the time and commitment you put into your blogs.  I sincerely enjoy visiting each and every blog.
If you are here in the States, I hope that your day tomorrow will include your favorite side dish, time with some of your favorite people, as well as a few extra moments to reflect on all His goodness toward us.  We are blessed people!  Just for fun, I thought I would list a few of my blessings… through the ABCs.  Some of these are tricky….thank you X, Y and Z.  Enjoy – and please come back on Friday.  It will be time for this month’s Share Four Something post.
My ABCs of Gratitude
A – Autumn Season of Life.  I will admit this season of life took some time of adjustment but we have found a sweet routine and rhythm and are really enjoying the quiet pleasures of these days – and years.
B – Bible Study…meeting in person again.  It has been great to reconnect with Bible study friends!
C – Church Family.  Our church is small and very much a family.  We are blessed to be a part of it.
D – Doggies…the ones we miss so much and, of course, for crazy, sweet Juju who fills our hearts with puppy love.  And keeps the glass door smeared in doggy slobber.
E – Emily and Jordan.  I am forever grateful to be their mom.  And so happy that both of them live on the same coast again!
F – Friends.  New friends, blog friends, church friends, and especially those friends who have lasted through years and miles.  Each one makes my life richer.
G – Grace.  Amazing and abundant grace.  Saving grace.  I am so grateful for my salvation.
H – Heaven.  We can only imagine all that Heaven will be – but I know it is going to be wonderful and I know many who are waiting for me there.
I – Intelligence.  The ability to shift through all.the.stuff that bombards us every day.  The ability to think for myself.  The privilege to think and to discern…..and to respond accordingly.
J – Junior Church. I am so thankful for this ministry and the opportunity to serve in it.
K – Kiddos in that Junior Church.  They just make my heart happy!  Sunday mornings are just fun:)
L – Laughter.  Not only do the Junior Church kiddos make me laugh but so does my monthly breakfast buddy.  She (who loves to remain unnamed!) always brings out the laughter in me.  I love our mornings together every month.
N – Neighbors.  The ones we have now – who have been super easy to live next to but will be moving soon – and for new neighbors.  Whoever they might be.
O – Our home.  The building as well as “all the things” that make it home to us.  It is more than we ever imagined and we don’t that for granted.
P – Partner.  My sweet husband.  Maybe partner in crime:)  The one I get to do life with!!
Q – Quiet Time.  I love those early moments in the morning when I can read my Bible, pray and fellowship with my savior.
R – Relatives.  I have a small family.  Two nephews.  One uncle and his wife. Two aunts and just a few cousins.  My uncle almost lost his life this past summer but God restored his health.  That is a praise!  I love them all.
S – Scott – my favorite brother.  And only brother.  It is so nice having him close by!
T – TYLER.  Being his momma is my greatest “title” and will forever mark who I am!
U – Undeserved blessings.  There really are too many to “name one by one.”
V – Virginia.  Honestly, I spend a lot of time complaining about this state – at least, the part of it that I live in.  That is a shame.  I am, truthfully, working on my attitude.  It is where God has me…and has for a very long time.  In an effort to appreciate it more, I am including it here:)
W – Work.  I’m grateful for the years of work my husband had and that now allows him to retire.  I am also thankful for the years I was able to work (I had a great job) but I really am enjoying being here at home.  Making my work “housework.”  I love being at home, doing the work around the house, and making this our home.
X – X-rays and other medical technology.  My natural response is to be critical…but I’m trying to be more grateful.  And to get caught up on way overdue appointments.
Y – Yogurt.  Quite possibly my favorite food group:)  Let’s just include all the good food here!
Z – Um, Z End?  Honestly, I have no idea.  Nevertheless, such a good exercise to think through all the blessings I enjoy, possess, and have been given.  Enjoy your blessings!

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving ABCs for 2022

  1. Z end? This made me chuckle! Enjoyed reading this so very much. I was just coming to your blog to reread the Thanksgiving poem you posted on Friday. I mean, I was *hoping* there would be a post but I really came to take a picture of my screen with the poem. I’m thankful for the words on your space and for the kind words on mine. I am grateful for your writing style- a dash of humor, a pinch of fun, a cup o’ wisdom stirred with Biblical truths and a steady faith. Have a great Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving!

    1. Really – what can you think of for “Z”?? It was taking way too much thought for me!!:) So glad you came by this morning…and thanks for your sweet comment!! Have a wonderful day…and Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you! I am so happy to have found your lovely space here. Your Thankful list is terrific! I, too, love morning. It is quiet, calm, and peaceful and promises a fresh start. Have a cozy day of preparation and a festive day tomorrow!

    1. I, too, am glad you found your way here…and that we have connected here in this blog world! I look forward to visiting more in the future! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  3. What a great list! You have much to be thankful for 🙂

    I had to pause at Virginia because my husband and I were just talking about how other people
    appreciate the scenery when they come to Texas, but we have many complaints about our
    particular area. Your opinion made me stop and think that it’s human nature to tire of what we
    have and long for something different. I imagine there are some beautiful things about Virginia 🙂

    Happy day after Thanksgiving!

    1. I’m sure there are some beautiful things about and parts of Virginia….and the ones who live in those parts are quite fortunate:) Ha..I’m being silly and I really do need to work on my gratitude when it comes to this!

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