Thanksgiving Pasts

Friday’s Favorite Five…..

and, this week, five of my favorite Thanksgiving memories –

1 – Road trips to Aunt Daisy and Uncle Rob’s house each year as a little girl. They lived in Charlotte, just like all of my mom’s family did, and each Thanksgiving we would pack up and head south. The cookin’ was a southern as their accents….and I loved ’em both! Aunt Daisy’s house was not very big but we could pack it full of family. The best part was having a “kids’ table” which was in a totally separate room from the adults. We were cool for sure. And, usually, Uncle Rob sat with the kids because he was totally cool.

2 – Aunt Wilma’s Feather Biscuits. Truly, there are no descriptive words adequte enough.

3 – Thanksgiving 1989. One of the very rare Thanksgivings that we did not spend with my parents. It was just Hubbie, me and sweet little Em (she was just one). We had planned to visit some seniors in the nursing home…just walking around, visiting. What we didn’t plan on was SNOW that year. For Thanksgiving! We bundled Miss Em in her little pink snowsuit and headed out. She was adorable and the hit of the day at the nursing home. And the snow was perfect.

4 – Lunch at the Marriott. For several years, before Tyler died, we always went out to dinner for Thanksgiving. We went to the Marriott and it was grand. We always had a group and everyone would dress in their holiday finery and the whole experience was wonderful. The grand piano in the atrium. The enormous and seemingly endless buffett of fantastic food. The hours gathered around the table with family and friends. Even the obligatory family photo…complimentary in the lobby.

5. I tried to find a couple of those family photos – but no luck on short notice. Then, I was hunting for the adorable ones of Emily in that pink snow suit. Of course, no luck. However, I did come across this (rare) family shot of my parents, my brother and me. There really are not too many of these type shots – taken once we were adults. So, although it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving….it is my fifth favorite five.

This was taken October 1989 (a month before the snowy Thanksgiving) and again in Charlotte:) I am pregnant with my Jordan. And my brother, mom and dad look perfect. I want this snapshot “stuck” in my memory!

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Pasts

  1. Good Morning! I loved hearing your memories here. We always went to my Aunts and sat at the kids table too. Such fun times. The Marriot sounds like it might have been a very good idea. = ) And finally, I LOVE your family pic. I know what you mean. It is soo rare to get one of those anymore, and yours is really good. Soo young and pretty. Have a wonderful week-end Jennifer. HUGS

  2. Sweet memories! I love one day to something grand and go to a great hotel and have Thanksgiving Day dinner there, but sadly my sister would see to it that that was my last Thanksgiving!

    I'm sure your little girl WAS the hit of the nursing home! How sweet!

  3. A good memory to tuck away! I had thoughts of sorting through some old pictures today, but didn't have the energy. So much I want to do with my "memories"… it will have to wait. Until then, I'll think sweetly upon them.

    Blessings, sister.


  4. Your memories brought me to tears, especially the picture of you, your brother and your parents. That photo is one of those that makes you want to just go back in time briefly and relive the moment.

    Thanksgiving blessings to you, Jennifer!!

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