The Advantage in Slow Days

I once read “A truth about the Lord is not truly ours until He works it into our daily life.”  I wish I had said it myself but, nonetheless, I am glad to have the truth of that statement tucked away in my heart.  I love Bible studies and I love Bible lessons.  I love discussing the Bible and Bible truths with other ladies.  Learning more about God is a never-ending pursuit and delight.  But, truly, I want more than head knowledge.  I desire closeness.  Intimacy.  I want a relationship with my Heavenly father that is more than simply intellectual.  I crave a personal one.  And that comes through experience.

So often I think those experiences are the hard times.  The trials and the painful days.  And certainly God – and all that He is – is learned well during those times.  As the statement says, “the Lord becomes truly ours” in the hardest of life.  But we experience and get to know God during “daily life” as well.  During the happy and peaceful days.  We can draw close, feel His presence, and truly learn His character on the ordinary days.  The slow days.

I am getting to a place in life where I not only enjoy but embrace the slow days of life.  The routine and ordinary.  I have time to truly get to know Him more!!  What a gift and a privilege.  Have a wonderful weekend – perhaps filled with ordinary, slow moments.  Even days:)  Enjoy other thoughts on “slow” here at Five Minute Friday.

7 thoughts on “The Advantage in Slow Days

  1. I love that you chose a picture of laundry drying on the line for this post. I’ve recently bought a clothesline and begun drying clothes that way. It’s been an interesting excercise in accepting the speed of things which you cannot control. A good lesson in life, too!

    1. “Accepting the speed of things we cannot control” – definitely a great lesson!! Clothes on the line are very relaxing to me…not sure why but they are!

  2. I relish slow days. Love being home. Love having time to do the little things I enjoy doing. So many days I find myself running hither and yon to do things for others in my family. Running errands, helping with the grandbabies, running around with my PC who loves to be out and about when he isn’t at work. I live for the quiet days at home. And the best ones are started with devotional time at dawn.

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