The Results of Surrender

When my children were just little ones, I rocked them to sleep.  Every day.   Did it spoil them?  Did it contribute to them being “poor” sleepers?  I don’t know.  But I wouldn’t trade those quiet moments of cradling my sleepy babes for anything.  Cuddled under my chin and drooped against my chest, their sweet baby aroma actually putting me asleep!  However contented they might be, they always fought against sleep.  It would take several minutes of rocking before they’d actually surrender – quit resisting – and their little bodies would fully relax against me.

Isn’t that exactly what the Heavenly Father wants from each of His children?  We can stop struggling – stop striving for our own way and our own desires, and always trying to work things according to our own agenda.  Oh the sweetness of simply leaning on Him.  We can trust Him and enjoy the peace, the rest and true contentment that comes from surrender.

These are my thoughts this week on the FMF prompt:  surrender.  Short and sweet – but, oh my, how those memories of precious days with my babies have been sweet to my soul!

10 thoughts on “The Results of Surrender

  1. I loved those times when your children struggle to sleep. Thank you for your reminder of that time and the reminder that we too struggle to be held by the One who wants to give us rest. Visiting from #FMF.

  2. I love this analogy. I felt the way it feels to hug a baby and rock her to sleep. And yes I am sure that is what God is longing for – our sweet surrender. Beautiful.
    Janis Cox
    #65 FMF

  3. What a precious and beautiful memory. It is amazing to me how only after becoming a mother do we fully grasp the meaning of God the Father.
    Thank you for sharing,
    #93 FMF

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