The Year is Almost Over

Hello friends!  I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful week – the peaceful lull after Christmas and before the excitement of the new year.  I love this week!  Such a great way to reset, recharge and (sorta) get back on track.  Think healthy food choices:)  My calendar has been purposely almost empty but I’ve been putzing around the house and just enjoying myself!  That said, I totally expected to have a post ready and rolling….but, it did not happen.  But I will be back on Monday.  I hope you will come back and that, in the meantime, you will thoroughly enjoy these last few days of 2023.  Personally, I am ready to usher this year out and bring on a new one!!  I look forward to staying connected – and meeting new friends through this site – in the weeks and months ahead!  See you on Monday!!

11 thoughts on “The Year is Almost Over

    1. I’m rather ready to start a new year. There have been some bad things in 2023, but also many good things. But I do love the idea of a new year, a fresh start. See next year!

  1. I’ve been enjoying a quiet week at home with not much to do (other than a few hospital visits and trips to the grocery store). I’m trying to catch up on all the cleaning I keep putting off and eating up the last of the junk food so I can return to healthy eating. 🙂

  2. Hi Jennifer! My week has been busy, but I’m hoping the new year will start slower. I’m also looking forward to putting this year behind me!
    Have a cozy weekend 🙂

  3. Good to hear from you! My week has been busy (family in town for part of the week!) but good (family in town for part of the week!). I, too, had a post or two planned in case some free time happened but it didn´t which is OK! Looking forward to healthier choices and reading more from you next week!

  4. Jennifer, happy new year! Yes, a bit of a blogging break’s been a good thing … and then I was so excited to sit down and write again yesterday! May the coming year bring us creativity, joy, and good work as we serve Him in this online world we live in. So grateful to do it alongside you.

  5. Isn’t it lovely to not have to be anywhere or do anything if you don’t want to? I am definitely needing to improve my eating habits as I seem to be hoovering up all the leftovers from Christmas and am now probably about 80% chocolate and cheese 😉

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