Things I’m Loving – Winter 2019

Valentine’s Day – it seems you love it.  Or, you just don’t.  I’ve heard folks lament that it is just a Hallmark-created holiday…simply a reason to make money.  I suppose the same could be said for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any number of other days; but I personally don’t see anything wrong with a special day to “love on” some of my favorite people.  And if anyone is profiting from such a day, I think it is the sugar folks:)  So much candy and other decadently sweet desserts!  I had more than my fair share of yummy treats during the last week or so – including Oreo balls.  However you celebrated February 14th, I hope it was sweet -pun totally intended – and full of calories!

With feelings of love still lingering and strictly for the fun of it….here are seven (very) random things that I am loving lately:

1 – Sunshine…and a little more of it each day.  It was still light out when we went to church on Sunday evening – hooray!  And the morning sun is the best!  I get up at the same time every morning.  No alarm – just wake up.  And, lately, the sun is greeting me.  Delightful!!  Waking up to the dark is just not fun…even for a morning person.

2 – Our morning routine.  (Yes, I do love mornings!)  We are routine people.  Hubbie and I start each morning with the same little tasks each morning.  One feeds the dog.  One turns off the night lights and begins to open a few blinds.  And one refills the Keuring.  (Ok, actually he does all of those things.  Just sayin.)  But we finally make it to the family room, in front of our fireplace and enjoy coffee together.  This phase of life allows us to enjoy the mornings….to ease into the day without rushing in a hundred different directions.  And, for that, I am grateful.

3 – Ground coffee.  (The theme was not intentional).  I recently found some reusable k-cups while thrifting, and they have been my most favorite bargain – I think I paid $1.50!  I love they are reusable but I especially love using fresh ground coffee.  It tastes delish!

4 – Thrifting.  Not every browse through a local consignment or thrift scores ends with a great find – like the brand new k-cups, but I really just enjoy the browsing.  The mindless wandering and searching for treasure.  It is, somehow, relaxing for me.  A little “guilty pleasure” – with no calories!!  And it seems that everyone is purging, reducing, reorganizing or just plain getting rid of things by the trunkloads which simply means plenty of goodies at the consignment stores:)

5 – Boots – and tights, too.  As much as I would love to see winter come to an end, I must admit I like my winter wardrobe much better than my summer one.  Soft, cozy sweaters…and warm fleece-lined tights.  They are as wonderful as the comfort foods of winter.  I also received a new pair of boots for Christmas that I have been loving lately.  I usually cannot find boots that are both attractive on my feet and comfortable to wear – but these are both and I have been wearing them.  A lot.

6 – Board games.  Winter evenings seem to lend themselves to playing more board games and we have been enjoying the competition.  Perhaps we get a bit too competitive but that’s okay…its just family:)  We have tried puzzles but really enjoy a good board game much better.  I, especially, like that we can clean up a board game and put it all away.

7 – A few more random joys lately: lunch dates with friends, cauliflower pizza crust, double dates, the warmth of our fireplace, a weekend away, Bible study and some new friendships there, tea parties at Tribute, emails from missionaries and the possibility of another trip this summer.  I’m praying these details will come together soon.

There is snow in our forecast.  One thing I really don’t love – but counting my blessings helps keep my attitude right.  What have you been loving lately??

5 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving – Winter 2019

  1. Jennifer, I am 100 percent with you on No. 5 … boots and leggings are my constant winter wardrobe, and I MUCH prefer winter clothes to summer ones. Maybe because I much prefer winter to summer … Great list!

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