Welcome to Friday….and the end of an up-and-down week for me.  The week started busy but I had some time to catch my breath on Wednesday even though I felt a winter cold coming on.  Things quickly went south and I woke to complete laryngitis yesterday.  Not the worst thing in the world but I really (REALLY) need my voice for practice tomorrow and our children’s program on Sunday.  This could be interesting.  Nevertheless, there is so much making me smile lately….amidst all that the enemy is doing to upset my joy.  I thought I would just share a few today.  In completely random order and all just because:)

A few years ago, my husband began collecting Santas…or Father Christmas.  We would happen upon one while browsing second-hand stores or antiquing.  A few were gifted to him. Although neither of us knew exactly how it started, his collection grew quickly.  Last year, we admitted that we had more than enough.  But last week, well, we just had to buy this guy.  No idea why but they just make us smile.

Found him, again, while antiquing.  We even considered putting him back but we are both glad that he made it home with us.  I love his reindeer sweater!


Last weekend, I came around the corner headed toward home and my neighbor had a large pile of things on the curb.  There was a sign taped to the stop sign above it –  FREE.  They have been purging like wild people lately in preparation for an upcoming move south.  There have been many “freebies” placed at the corner and, quite honestly, most of it is not worth a second look.  But last weekend, a large picture caught my eye!  Once home, I asked my husband to go pick it up off the curb.  Huh?  He thought I was joking.  Um, no.  Imagine my surprise,  when there were actually two pictures.  A pair.  In perfect condition but, apparently, not appropriate for Florida decor (the neighbor’s words).  Granted, they might not be everyone’s taste but they sure do make me smile every morning while I make my coffee!

My husband (sorta/kinda) collects Santas (he probably would never say that) but I, for sure and for certain, collect sheep. And enjoy doing so! I have been picking them up here and there for years but I really do not buy new ones that often anymore.  However, I’ve never confessed to having too many; although I probably do.

I did, however, find this cute guy during that same antiquing adventure last week.  This little sheep is rather unique – almost like a paper mache – and I knew he would fit right in with even the Christmas decor.  Maybe he needs a little Christmas wreath around his neck.  Either way, he makes me smile each morning.  Well, hello there:)

How does one take a photo of slippers?  Or pictures of your feet?  I tried but it was definitely not working for me.  So here are my new house socks/ crocheted slippers…simply sitting on my footstool.  (You can thank me now for no photos of my oversized feet!)  I bought these at the German Christmas market we attended last week.  One of the officers’ wives made these and they were all different, unique, bright, and colorful.  They immediately caught my eye.

The friendliest lady was helping me make a decision as I went through the entire basket.  I was not that concerned with the design or color; however, there were no sizes and every pair looked, well, small for my feet.  She was rummaging through and picked up the largest pair.  I was just about to say, “I’ll take them” when she gasped, “My goodness, these would fit a basketball player!!”  Oh, yeah, right.  So, I took the next to the largest ones and I was so pleasantly surprised when they fit!!  They make me smile and make my feet happy all day!

This last one really is my favorite.  This is my view at the top of the stairs – looking into our guest room.  It had a recent refresh.  The twin beds are gone and a new metal bed is off to the side.  I like it.  We moved the loveseat in there from my office.  It looks much happier there.  The clock on the wall was a wedding gift from my grandma….yes, it makes me smile.  And I like the newly painted accent wall.  It is hard to tell but it is a comforting shade of green.  But what is really making me smile lately is that new oil painting above the loveseat.   No idea exactly why – but it just makes me happy.

I found it at (can you guess??) the same antique store!  Yes, we were having way too much fun (and luck!)  It was in a booth that was going out of business….and I scored that signed original for fourteen bucks!  C’mon, what’s not to smile about??

I’d love to know one thing that has been making you smile this week.  Share in the comments – I look forward to reading about it.  Thanks for stopping by…..here’s to a blessed weekend ahead!

13 Replies to “Things Making Me Smile This Friday”

  1. I love sheep! I have collected a few over the years and now this makes me want to search for more 🙂

    Your guest room looks so cozy! While we’ve been renovating our bathroom, our guest room has been a storage for all the materials. I’ll be so glad when I can get back in there and give it a good makeover. Yours is a good inspiration for me 🙂

  2. I have quite a few Santa’s myself. My mom did too. For awhile each year, I would buy a new Santa ornament for hubby and a new Snowman for me. Snowmen are one of my favorites. Last year I found a cute ornament with both of them together. No new ones this year, at least not yet. I love that cozy spot in the guest room. So very pretty.

    1. It is fun to have a collection, of sorts. Fun looking for a possible new addition – and also fun pulling them out of storage each year!

  3. Hope you get your voice back soon and that you are feeling ok! What a fun list of things that make you smile. It’s great that you have so many though if I stopped to think about it, I could probably come up with quite a few things… Those slippers look comfy. I usually wear two pairs of socks to keep my feet warm! Your guest room looks inviting. It’s fun to change things up here and there. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Maria. My voice is still not ready for caroling (at all!) but I had just enough for working with the children today…so I am grateful! (and tired!)

  4. I’m wearing a pair of slippers that I knitted and they keep my feet toasty warm.
    Don’t know if you saw the answer to your question about the scriptures on my blog so I’ll answer it here.
    We pick up and deliver the scriptures in Bedford at Beacon of Truth. It is located off rte 30 right by a car dealer.
    There is also an RV park close by.
    Does your church assemble scriptures too. How cool if we both do the same thing!!!

      1. Our church is Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church located in Oakland Maryland with Pastor Leatherman. What is your church? Perhaps we know of each other!! If you don’t want say in comments please email me.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I have a new blogger to follow 🙂 I have the same dog picture with the apple but my dog is blue. We found it at an art store many years ago.

  6. I collect mugs! and my husband seems to collect computer parts as he actually builds them as a hobby. His real job is software design. Love your little sheep. and I LOVE santas/St Nicholas although i collect them as tins.

    Your post made me smile. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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