This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is start. The beginning of something…maybe even the date something began.  As in a marriage:)  My marriage began 34 years ago tomorrow.  Hard to believe – yet here are just five minutes worth of my thoughts.

START – When I tell someone that I have been married for over three decades, often there is a reaction of surprise.  As in, really?  And, if I am honest, I am often more shocked than anybody.  Because I know us….and, even more, I know me.  I look back at the girl I was over 34 years ago and, without a doubt, it was a painfully naive and woefully immature girl that began dating the man who would be my husband.  And as we said “I do” I entered our marriage with not only far too many expectations but very unrealistic ones as well.  I’m sure there are many who were among our guests who would be surprised, or even shocked, to know we will celebrate 34 years tomorrow.

Not only has our marriage lasted, but we have created a life.  We have endured sickness and health.  Richer and poorer.  Known countless, abundant blessings and walked through the deepest of valleys.  Of course, there have been highs – and lows.  But we have done it together and, through God’s great mercy, I am not the silly girl I was.  And by God’s grace, our marriage is what it has become today.

STOP – Whether it is a marriage, a ministry or a job.  Whether it is our walk with the Lord or the beginning of a new path where He is leading – how we start does not have to define how we finish or even how we continue.  If it started well, praise the Lord.  Stay the course.  If it was with a start you did not plan or imagine, keeping moving forward.  Accept His mercy and His grace, determined to finish well.  Will we have another 34 years together?  Most likely not.  But however long our marriage may be, I am grateful, blessed and I desire to “finish well.”


7 Replies to “Thirty-Four Years of Marriage”

  1. Congratulations on 34 years of marriage. My wife and I celebrate 33 years today. I too am amazed when folks are surprised when we say how l long we’ve been married. God put us together. My wife came from a family that had experienced divorce so she started our journey with a little trepidation.
    I told her from the start that she was stuck with me. Like everyone, there have been struggles but what journey that is worth it,it not? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Congratulations on 34 years of marriage! I love this thought: “how we start does not have to define how we finish or even how we continue.” Truly, His mercies are new every morning. Thank you for this precious reminder, as my 41st Anniversary is coming up later this month. Moving ahead with Jesus. Blessings to you!

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