Three Things This Thursday: the Thankful Edition

Happy Thursday!  I’m a bit late getting today’s post up.  Truthfully, I’m just a bit slow getting up and going this morning.  It is supposed to be rainy all day and, although the rain hasn’t started, it is overcast and grey.  Not chilly but just a comfortable grey that makes you linger in morning mode for just a few more minutes:)  But time to get started.  Today is also the last day of 33 for my son.  Tomorrow is his birthday:)  We will, more officially, celebrate later this month when we have our monthly “family fun night” and will celebrate both our birthdays.  That will be fun but, for tomorrow, just he and I will get to spend a bit of time together which, for me, will be perfect.

I’m so thankful for Jordan.  I’m proud to be his mama.  Those types of things have been on my mind lately and, well, they are what led me to today’s “thankful” post.  No, it’s not all about Jordan but his birthday did get me thinking….

ONE – I am thankful for good (even better than “just good”) relationships with my adult children.  I’m not in any way trying to be insensitive here, but I know of (and know personally) many who have difficult, strained or even estranged relationships….either with their parents or with their adult children.  Or both.  I know a couple who are legally separated/disconnected (would you say divorced??) from their only son and have been since he turned eighteen.  They have no interaction with him and probably never will again.  Most do not go that far but relationships that are, nevertheless, awkward, hard and painful are not uncommon.  My own relationship with one of my parents was very challenging, and, so, I do not take what I share with my own children for granted.  Today I specfically mention Jordan – because it his birthday.  He and I are very close.  But I am thankful today for the relationships with both of my adult children.

TWO – I am thankful for good health.  Yes, I am thankful to be on “the other side” of last year’s treatments and (most) of the pesky after effects.  I have mentioned that enough recently.  I’m grateful to feel strong and to be able to do just about everything I would like to do.  But, today I am specifically thinking about good mental health.  This comes from thinking more deeply about my first thought.  There is a long history of emotional and mental health problems in my family…the effects of which have rippled through my family tree for decades and have been very impactful.  And, yes, I have my tough days just like anyone else but I am beyond grateful to recognize how drastically different my life could be, and how God has strengthened me, enabled me and healed me.  I give Him all the credit because, truthfully, I should have followed right in the path of many (in my family) before me.  I’m praying one day it can be said “the buck stopped here” – with me.

THREE – I am thankful for my brother.  I guess the first two thoughts just have me thinking about family.  And that makes me thankful for my only sibling and, again, for the great relationship we have.  It has been wonderful having him live so close the last few years.  That was not always the case.  But we not only chat/text most days but we see each other often.  I am thankful that he is healthy, is doing well (he comes from the same troubled family tree as me!) and is happy.  Last month, we had an aunt pass away.  The last of her generation on our family tree which puts him and me at the top of said family tree.  What?!  We are now the old folks sitting in the folding chairs in the backyard at the family picnic….watching all the young ‘uns run around and have fun.  Ok, there actually are no more family picnics and/or folding aluminum chairs but you get the idea.  Today, he leaves for a trip to Costa Rica.  Yea, I’m jealous but I hope he has a great time.  And that he will bring back some sunshine to share:)

He and my Jordan are not only close but are so incredible similar.  Two peas in a pod, in many ways.  It makes my heart happy!!  I hope there are several things making your heart happy today.  Take a minute to share your gratitude with someone.  As always, thanks for stopping by my blog today.  One more thing that makes me oh so happy!!

20 thoughts on “Three Things This Thursday: the Thankful Edition

  1. Dear Jennifer…what a blessing to read here today. Our relationships with our adult children are also good ones and for that I am so thankful. Even though they both live far away from us, we have remained close. I’m so glad that you are going to have the day with Jordan …just the two of you. I wish I lived close enough to our son that I could enjoy that privilege. Last week I was able to visit with one of my brothers and talked on the phone with the other brother. May you enjoy a wonderful week!

    1. Dianna…so glad you stopped by. What a blessing to remain close even with distance between you and your children…and you and your brothers. Have a blessed weekend ahead, my friend!

  2. Enjoyed reading this! I find family relationships/ dynamics interesting. How wonderful to have great relationships with your kids and your brother. And, I know you know how great it is to be physically close to your brother. I hope your son has a wonderful birthday!

  3. SO true about health! If you haven’t got your health, you’ve got nothing!
    I’m also grateful for my family…
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Happy birthday to your son! Thanks also for the blog visit. I hope you have a fun time celebrating your sons birthday and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, and may your brother have a good time away.
    I agree with Donna regarding health.
    Always lovely to get on with family if possible…and now my husband and I are the older generation – we are next!

    1. Margaret – so glad you stopped by. Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. I look forward to visiting your site more often as well. Happy Wednesday to you:)

  6. Hello, my friend. Such beautiful and honest thoughts from your heart today. I am so thankful for your physical health and appreciate your mentioning mental health. It is essential, and I believe we are the first generation to feel comfortable talking openly about it. This may be because we are the first to be able to understand it. Happiest of upcoming birthdays to you and your son! And I know exactly what you are talking about, being the oldest of the generations! I mentioned that recently. I remembered attending family reunions and weddings and seeing all the “old” uncles and aunts there. Now, WE are the old uncles and aunts! The circle of life, right??! Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. So funny…being the “old auntie” now. Not that I have too many who call me aunt (just two nephews) so, perhaps, I can convince them that I’m still young. Or at least cool – lol!

  7. Hi Jennifer! Before I forget, thank you for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy — it’s delightful to meet you. I love your gratitude list. They all resonated but especially the one about good relationships with adult children. So lovely and beautifully written.

  8. what a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your son (my son is a Jordan as well). Good health and good mental balance are such a blessing and I do not take them for granted!!

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