Without a doubt, one of the greatest material blessings the Lord has given to my husband and me is our home.  It is more than we ever imagined and, yet, is exactly the type of home we would dream about.  The circumstances that brought us to this home only confirm that God “handed” it specifically to us.  We feel blessed every day.  We work, daily, to keep things – inside and in the yard – clean, manicured and organized.  I enjoy making our home feel cozy, comfortable and, hopefully, inviting as well.  But even more than the decor on the mantel, the pumpkins on the porch or the smell of dinner in the oven, I want to be busy “building my house.” 

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.   Proverbs 14:4 
I don’t think any Christian woman purposefully wants to ruin the spirit of her home.  Or wants to undermine the Holy Spirit’s working and leading in her home.  But, without thinking, selfish attitudes, wrong priorities and poor habits do exactly that – they pluck down the house we desperately desire to have.  Continuing in my “making choices” for this year…..I choose to build up – not tear down – my house.  There are many areas where this applies but here are three purposeful ways to refocus building your house.
1 – Work diligently.  As an empty-nester, I have much more flexibility with my time.  This is nice – but it can also lead to procrastination.  It is not hard for me to get lazy.  But I want my days to be productive.  This includes not oversleeping, not mindlessly wasting hours (or other chunks of time) and asking the Lord to direct my steps and choices.

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might….”  Ecclesiastes 9:10 

2 – Set the right tone.  I have always believed the mother sets the tone in a home.  This was true when my children were young but, I find, it is still true with just the two of us.  I am as emotional as the next woman (I suppose) but, thankfully, I am learning to better control my emotions.  I have learned the hard way that my moods can impact a dinner, an evening, or even a whole week – and not always for the best!  What a sad statement – and a waste of precious time together.

“Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest….” Ecclesiastes 9:9

3 – Serve others – and be hospitable.  This is one area where both my husband and I are trying to improve.  This seemed to be easier – or seemed to come more naturally – when we were younger but I am not sure why.  Perhaps it is simply settling too easily into our routine – a routine of two.  But we are making improvements.  Whether inviting others into our home or serving others in their home or even in our community, there is much joy in hospitality.

“For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled…but a lover of hospitality…..”                                                                      Titus 1:8

I pray these will encourage or inspire you as well….to build your house.  A house that not only glorifies God but, as well, is a haven and a blessing to everyone who lives under your roof.  And, no, none of those homes above are mine.  They are just some of the gorgeous ones I found on Unsplash.  I would have stepped outside to photograph my house but skies are grey and drippy as Hurricane Florence pushes in on us.  Pray for all those who may be affected in the next few days ahead.

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  1. Jennifer, hi! From one empty nester to another, I thank you. Life is much different now than it was back in the day. And how we live our hospitality can shift from season to season …

  2. I understand what it is like to be an empty nester. I am also retired so using my time wisely is something I consider each morning when I get up. It's interesting but I feel I am better at hospitality now than I was when I was younger. Thank you for your wisdom on how to "build your home."

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