Three Ways to Keep Our Focus

It is Tuesday afternoon.  I should have had a post written long before now – and had it posted as well. But I considered not posting.  What else could be said about the pandemic?  About our current situation?  I just could not think of anything else that needed to be said just now but, truth be told, this quarantine and the effects of it seem to consume us – our thoughts, intentions, opinions, emotions, and words.  Which I understand.  I get it.  But…is it the best for us?

With every ounce of our focus on our situation, we quickly risk losing our focus.  Or that which should be our real focus.  Our circumstances shift our focus away from the Lord.  When that happens, we are soon discouraged and/or overcome with emotions like fear, anger or worry.  We tend to drop our guards and become easy victims of Satan’s attacks.  We must be vigilant to keep our focus on Christ and His purposes as well as His plan for us individually – especially during these months of pandemic.

How we do that has personal, or individual, implications but here are three practical reminders that apply to all Christians.  Ways to keep our focus on the Lord.

Start your day with Christ.  Making our time with Him – in prayer and Bible reading – a first priority is essential.  Although it can seem as if there is plenty of time during the day to get it done, morning devotional time guards our hearts and minds for whatever lies ahead.  It encourages us spiritually and mentally and sets the tone for our day.  During our devotional time, we draw near to God – and there is no better time to do so than first thing in the morning.  Before the rest of the day hits us.  These days of more time at home, slower mornings, and new schedules are the perfect time to establish a routine of morning devotions.

Pray – and pray throughout the day.  We are inundated with news, facts, opinions, and just plain information overload these days.  If not discouraging, it can be overwhelming, or at least draining.  Pray throughout the day.  Pray for those making decisions and in leadership – not only leading our country but also our churches, our schools and more.  Pray for those working in the trenches. For those who are out of work, sick/hurting, or might in difficult, even abusive, situations during this time.  When we constantly bring our burdens and worries to Christ, we are not then emotionally and mentally consumed by them.

Serve as you are able.  As we “socially isolate,” it can be easy to withdraw.  To create a comfortable cocoon where we almost forget what is happening outside our homes.  However, God has a purpose.  Not only a “big picture” purpose but a plan and purpose for each of us – and for each of our days.  There are ways to minister, to meet needs, and to still be involved in the Lord’s work…even during a quarantine.  And there are (so) many who desperately need us to make the effort.  To keep serving.  For sure, the blessing will be ours.

As we look for ways to serve and be productive, let’s remember to encourage one another.  I am grateful for those who blog and share in different ways…ways that not only encourage me but challenge me as well.  Here is a great place to read lots of encouragement.  As well, I pray you will be encouraged whenever you stop by this blog.

10 thoughts on “Three Ways to Keep Our Focus

  1. Jennifer, I really appreciate this post. I’ve cut WAY back on watching and reading the news. It was all repetitive, anxiety producing, and futile.

    I’m aiming to spend more time with the Lord, more time meditating on who He is, more time taking care of body and soul.

    Thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one …

    1. Thanks, Linda – when we look back, more time with the Lord is going to be one of the greatest gifts of this pandemic!

  2. I agree, it’s so easy for our focus to drift at this time, to put all our focus on circumstances. It’s so important to remember to turn our focus back to God. I definitely find more peace when I do whereas reading the news etc. only causes anxiety.

  3. I love this! I am so thankful that we have little spaces on the internet like this one to encourage one another.

    I have always found quiet time to be more beneficial in the mornings, but even more so right now. Just a couple of weeks ago, I kept finding myself skimming through my prayer time. I was still reading in the Bible each day, but I was barely taking the time to pray because I kept being interrupted. (There are six of us in the house: my husband, my four sons (ages 21 through 17) and me. I wasn’t upset with them, because they didn’t mean to interrupt, they were just walking through or coming down for coffee or whatever. I had to start really making the time earlier in my day so that I could get back to a regular prayer time. I’d been so discouraged and kind of down, and this was why. I have felt so much lighter and more lighthearted since I’ve switched the times.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and these words. I’m so glad we found each other in this blog world!

    1. So glad you have been able to find a good time for your quiet time….and, I agree, so nice to meet you through this blog world:) Have a great week ahead – thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Makes my day!

  4. Thank you, Jennifer, for these pointers to “keep our focus on Christ and His purposes as well as His plan for us individually.” It is so easy to get discouraged these days. I’m so grateful we have a tender, loving Shepherd to confide in and lean into. Love and blessings to you!

    1. Yes, Trudy, I agree…so thankful for our loving Shepherd! Have a wonderful week (and weekend!) ahead!

  5. I forget to pray throughout the day. Unless I come across some bit of very troubling news or a prayer request. Usually start and end my day in prayer but need to remember I can pray other times, too.

    1. So glad you stopped by, Leslie. I hope that you have had a good week…and the weekend ahead will be blessed! The news during the day certainly does send us to prayer!:)

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