The Tomb was Empty!

Thankful Thursday…last night during my weekly class with the littlest ones at church, we had an Easter egg hunt. Goodness, were they wound up – I mean, excited! After they found an egg, they would open it and…the eggs were empty! I did exchange their egg for candy from my basket but not until we talked about those empty eggs….just like the empty tomb!

As a born-again Christian, there is nothing more wonderful than knowing the tomb was empty. How grateful I am that Christ would die on the cross as payment for my sins; however, if He had not risen from the dead three days would have been in vain. This Thursday, I am so thankful for an empty tomb. Knowing that my Savior rose again gives me…..

VICTORY….Death was not the end of Jesus. Christ had victory over sin and death. As a Christian, I can also know victory – over sin and its weight of guilt and over eternal death/dying. I will live forever one day with Him. And, yes – Tyler was a Christian and has this same victory so I will be reunited with Him!! and many other loved ones.

CONFIDENCE….The Savior I love so much is alive! He is available to help me, comfort me, guide me, plead my case, love me, hear my prayers – and I don’t fumble through this life without purpose and protection. I serve a risen Savior!! Everything about my life is different because He lives!

Have a beautiful Thankful Thursday!!

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  1. thanks for checking out our blog. come see us any time you are downtown. rumor is that ryan will be moved to the hku soon so check for us in the cicu or the hku. i’d love to meet you. i’m there at some point every day.

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