Too Cute for Me

On Wednesday nights at church, I teach of class of 3 and 4 year olds..and they are a mess! Last night, before telling the story of the blind beggar, we had a discussion about our five senses. Quite the concept for these little guys. We talked about the eyes that we see with and how we hear with our ears and God gave us noses to smell. Eyes. Ears. Noses. No problem.

Then I tried to talk about taste. Oh boy. Our discussion went something like this:

Me: Can anyone tell me what God gave us to taste things with….to find out if something tasted yummy or not so yummy?

Total blanks.

Me: You know, if I had a drink and I wanted to know if it tasted sweet and yummy, would I put it in my ear? Noooo. What would I use?

One three year old cutie: A straw?!

Me: Well, yes, I could use a straw….but where would I put the straw?

The entire class in unison: The cup!!

Yes, indeedy, the cup. I admit defeat – they are too cute for me!

9 thoughts on “Too Cute for Me

  1. Morning Jenn,
    Foiled again by 3-4 yrs. olds.
    Sometimes they are so amazing the things they say, they just crack you up. That was so cute!
    When my daughter was lil we quickly
    recognized that she had the gift of wisdom because in some of our most difficult moments this lil girl would say some of the most profound things, and hubby and I would just look at her and at reach other in amazement. Out of the mouth of babes!!
    So did you ever get them to understand it was the mouth you were talking about???
    Thanks for sharing that it gave me a good smile.
    Blessings dear, and have a great day, Nellie

  2. haha How darling is that? I just LOVE what comes out of their mouths. I taught the 3 year olds on Sunday mornings for years…How I loved it. What a cute age they are. Soo fun. Have a wonderful day Jennifer. Hugs, Debbie

  3. Hi Jen! I'm sitting here trying to upload the last pictures of Chris and it's taking FOREVER! I think everyone must be on the computer this Friday afternoon.

    I'm getting ready to head to Brenda's tonight cause she's throwing a baby shower for her best friend's daughter and Brenda said she would LOVE my help! Well for me it's a nice baby break and free dinner so I'm all there! Plus I get to take the pictures and I'm excited about that 🙂

    Soooo, wanted to see if you read my blog the other day when Riley out of the blue said, "oval." I was like, "Are you kidding me? You're 20 months and you know what an oval shape is?" I was pretty impressed 🙂

    And to answer your question from you other blog entry, Bob and I save exactly $100 to use for each 2 week chunk. We use $50 each Saturday night and that includes eating out and the movies. The movies is 20 bucks so we end up with 30 bucks for eating out. Actually we end up spending a little more at the movies cause we got a soda so then we end up with about 25 bucks for eating out.

    And that's it! SOMEtimes I'll go out to lunch with Riley and a friend for a nice treat but for the most part, we eat at home.

    Bob and I really consider it a treat to eat out. It's like SUCH a nice thing to do for us. We NEVER bring Riley though cause it ends up being on a Saturday night and my mom is babysitting. So she gets all her eating out at dinnertime in when we come up there to see you guys, hee-hee 🙂

    Love you!


  4. I taught 3&4 year olds in Sunday School for about 15 years… so I can relate! I wish I had written down all the cute things they said and did… it would have made a GREAT book!

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