Well, you guessed it! I spent last week helping my brother move all of his worldly belongings from one side of the country to the opposite side! He had plans for movers and car shippers and all the works…which all began to fall apart at the eleventh hour. At the last minute, he became the packer, mover and shipper all in one. His wife had to fly ahead to California in order to begin her new job and, so, I went along for the drive:) Truly I did not drive much – the driving a “big rig” really is a guy thing, I suppose – but I totally was the entertainment along the way….and the official snack preparer!

We were driving this big ole truck and hauling the car as well! Real truckers, I’m tellin’ you. It was quite intimidating at first but Scott was soon driving like a pro.

We spent a lot of time doing this………..

And a whole lot of time watching these………………………
And five days…..over 2500 miles later…..we made it here!!

I do have pictures from along the way that I hope to put together for my brother – and can hopefully share more later. Here are a few of the better ones from California. (Most of the others are taken from inside the truck looking through the window – ha! but they are good memories for the two of us.) It has been a long time since he and I spent much time just the two of us….and I was thrilled for the opportunity. My brother is not only smart (I’ve mentioned this before) but he is also funny. I loved our talks and even the quiet times while we watched the always changing landscapes across the country. It was a once in a lifetime trip – and probably one you would only want to do once:)

My brother moved to Carmel by the Sea. This picture is actually Monterey. The only thing “missing” from this picture is the COLD! Who knew when we arrived in California we would need sweaters! I packed for summer and, yes, I was freezing. (I finally had to buy a new sweater!) Apparently Monterey is like that this time of year….go figure.

My travelling buddy – and his houndy:) When you are out on the pier, you can hear the sea lions talking!!

Finally, the sun!!
Welcome to California, brother!!!

10 thoughts on “Truckin’

  1. Jennifer~
    I just love road trips! I have helped my youngest daughter move from here in Washington State to New York. (She didn't have to take oddles of stuff like your married brother. But we did have her little Toyota Pickup packed to the brim and then some ~ only enough room for for the two of us in our seats!) And I have driven back with her also! I would do it again in a heart beat! We always have a grand time together and I'm sure your time with your brother was terrific, also! It will be fun to see your travelin' pictures!
    Glad you made it to your destination and back, safely!

  2. Indeed, it is a once in a lifetime trip. Although it's been over 20 years, dh and I moved ourselves halfway across the country (and then back two years later). Dh hadn't even driven a truck before, and suddenly there we were, with a rental truck and towing my car.

    I'm glad you got to see the country and spend some quality time with your brother. Loved seeing the pics and hope you'll share more 🙂

  3. Wow, what a trip! Did you fly back? I know you are so thankful you got to go and spend time with your brother though.

    I would love to drive across America like that, but just not in five days!

  4. Jennifer,

    Looked like a fun road trip! Thanks for sharing the pictures…

    We've taken some long road trips this summer as well… Can be lots of fun and a great chance to catch up on good conversation!

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer…


  5. Wow, Jennifer, that IS SOME road trip! What a precious time with your brother. I was just thinking the other day how little time I get spend with my six siblings over the years.

    Your brother has moved to a beautiful place- and who would have guessed you'd need a sweater??!:)

    Thanks for sharing these great photos and I'm looking forward to more!


  6. WOW!! That must have been some trip. I traveled to Montana a couple of times in the car. But never all the way to California! The pictures are great though! You will have many sweet memories from that trip, and probably some very funny ones too! 🙂

  7. Hi Jenn,
    That is so sweet that you did that with Scott. I am sure he really appreciated it, and what a precious opportunity to get to spend time together. I must say that is a long haul, but road trip are fun and exciting to me. Course, in a big truck probably not quite as comfy as in a car or van tho. Well, you will have a new place to go visit on vacations.
    Have a great week sweetie,
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

  8. Yup, Carmel by the sea is chilly most of the time. Would would have thunk?

    My first time by your blog. Your story about your son brought me to tears. Thank you for reminding me that my children can be temporary too.

    BLessings to you today!

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