Two Highlights from Last Month

We are already into the second week of April and I have not taken a “look back” at March.  April is always a full month around our house and, it seems, I have just moved full steam ahead…embracing all the spring and looking forward to all the fun events on this month’s calendar.  I’m okay with that – especially all the spring:)  And March is generally a month of “maintaining the status quo” as I usually call it.  The weeks included my regularly-scheduled visits to Tribute, joining friends every other week for “The Crochet Club”  (still trying to learn how to crochet – truly I have some very patient friends and tutors!) and a shopping trip to the mall (where I rarely go) to help a friend look for her mother-of-the-groom dress:)

There were two, extra, highlights in this previous month.  I was able to attend a ladies’ conference with a group from my church.  I posted a bit about it here.  The theme centered around the idea of allowing God to write our stories.  God continues to use the lessons learned that weekend to instruct and encourage me.  He does, indeed, desire to be the author of our lives….for many reasons.  But, certainly, our lives best bring Him glory when we allow Him to dictate our days as He knows best.  And we bring Him honor when we will share our stories.

We need to share our stories whenever He gives an opportunity.  Not in an “air all your dirty laundry” way – which seems to not only be prevalent but applauded by many these days – but thoughtfully, decently and graciously.  Without a doubt, even the thought of sharing, and being vulnerable, can be intimidating but when we are willing to do so, I think God is praised and He is pleased.

One other highlight in March was just a week ago.  We hosted a group from the Hope Children’s Home at church on a Friday evening.  A group of about 18 children and some of the staff from the home were traveling the east coast…visiting supporting churches and introducing others to the ministry there in Tampa.  What a delight they were!!  The children sang and gave testimonies.  Salvation testimonies but, as well, the stories of what led them to the children’s home.  So many tragic situations and, for someone rather sheltered like me, unbelievable circumstances that were the reality for many of these children.  And what a picture of grace and God’s goodness the Hope Children’s Home is!  I know the entire evening impacted me and everyone else in attendance.

After the singing and sharing, we had a game night.   Of course, we shared lots of good food while we played all sorts of games.  (I brought this Monster Cookie Dip – from my Pinterest board – I think it was a huge hit!!)  It really was a wonderful evening – one of the best my husband and I have enjoyed in a while.  And he is not even a huge game-playing fan!  Looking back, I would say March 2019 was definitely more than simply “maintaining the status quo.”  What “something extra” did your March include? Or are you anticipating in April?

One thought on “Two Highlights from Last Month

  1. I enjoyed reading about your month, Jennifer! The conference sounds great and I love the theme, and I’m sure hearing the children’s songs and testimonies was amazing too!
    One of my highlights of March was getting to meet a blogging friend in “real life”. It was so lovely to be able to chat face to face!

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