Two Special Birthdays

The full spectrum of life.  Both ends.  I posted yesterday that, over the weekend, I had celebrated both.  A girlfriend’s new grandbaby and a friend’s 90th birthday!  Maybe it was because they were back to back, but the two events definitely caused me to get reflective.  Both are poignant reminders.   One the prospect of an entire to live for Christ – and, with it, the promise of God’s goodness and blessing if we do so.  The other a reflection of that promise and the reminder that God is faithful and keeps His word.

Without a doubt, my senior friend has known many hard days and has gone through much sorrow.  Not only is she a widow, but she has endured the loss of parents, all of her siblings, that of her child – her only child – and that of her grandson.  She has walked with a loved one through addiction.  She has experienced her own health challenges and is now legally blind.  But her testimony is beautiful.  She still lives alone and does very well.  She is faithful not only to her church but also to a Bible assembly ministry there as well.  She simply does what she can.  She has a sweet spirit and is an encourager to all who know her.

Often when I “look back” over my life…or recall life milestones, I tend to focus on the negative.  The hard or sorrow-filled times.  For a long time, my life seemed to be permanently defined by my son’s death.  Everything was either “before Tyler died” or “since Tyler died.”  And, without a doubt, his death is a forever defining moment in my life.  I will never be exactly the same.  However, I am (slowly) learning to define my life with the “good” things.  To allow the joy-filled, the exciting, or even the fun moments to be the anchors that create this life I am living.

Yes, both kinds of events and moments actually make up my memories and create the legacy I hope will one day express my life.  It’s just a subtle shift in my focus that is making a difference.  A difference in my heart and in my attitude that, prayerfully, will impact my testimony.  Today…when I am celebrating 90….and for eternity.

2 thoughts on “Two Special Birthdays

  1. For over 50 years you have been an inspiration to me. Your never ending faith and strength in the Lord. And although part’s of your journey has been painful, it was always with grace. I am blessed to have been a part of all, if sometimes only from a far and I will be there until the end. Your testimony at 90 will be amazing and I will celebrate it with you!

    1. Friend, thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment and (once again) encourage me! More than anything, thank you for your faithful friendship. You are a blessing to me!!

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