A Week of Mixed Emotions

Simple Womans Daybook for May 17, 2010:

Outside my window…there is a steady, soft rain that is making the house feel cozy – and making it hard for me the wake up my brain!

I am thinking…..about Deb (at The Way We Are) and her biopsy this morning. The waiting has been difficult and I am glad that she is finally getting the procedure done – and now praying not only for the results but also for the days of waiting for those.

I am thankful for…..all of Tyler’s classmates graduating this week – what a great moment! It is exciting to see what direction God is leading many of them…especially having watched many of them grow up from just babies in our nursery:)

I am remembering….Tyler’s 13th birthday that included several of those boys graduating on Friday. We went to laser tag, then bowling and to the always popular Cici’s Pizza! Then they all stayed the night at my house – what fun! We all laughed and then laughed some more – until I was crying! They were all really special friends…and are such good boys. (And some of them have grown incredibly tall!)

I am going….back to an antiques store I visited this past weekend. We saw a table that “really caught our eye” so we came home, measured for, thought over, talked about….and decided, yes, it would be perfect in our family room. Now, let’s just hope its still there. That’s a chance I always take but I try not to impulse buy and so I just have to take the chance. Cross your fingers:)

I am reading….about a new diet plan (ugh) but I’m not willing to quit trying. I’ll have to let you know what I think after I make a decision.

I am hoping…..to make it through this week – with all the senior activities and graduation.

On my mind….Tyler.

From the kitchen…..I was thinking about making these adorable graduation caps that I saw on Jenifer’s blog – but I haven’t made any promises and we will see how it goes:)

Around the house….the carpets are starting to look sad. The vacuum – my new vacuum – is not working well. What is it about me and vacuums?? I have way too many bum vacuums!

Plans for the week….senior banquet this evening, another meeting with the Parent Advisory Board at Children’s, graduation on Friday night and the seniors’ picnic on Saturday. Oh goodness.

One of my favorite things….just yesterday, my sweet friend, Nellie, celebrated her 84th birthday! Several of us took her (and her sweetheart of 63 years) to lunch at Olive Garden….and her face just beamed when they brought out the cake and sang Happy Birthday!! Why can I not ever remember my camera for these things?!?! Her friendship is a blessing.

8 thoughts on “A Week of Mixed Emotions

  1. Thinking of you this week and praying for God's grace and strength to clothe you as you go through the activities for graduation. I cannot imagine the churning of emotions you must have. May God's steadfast love keep you.

    Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant! Sounds like a very special birthday celebration.

  2. I'm praying for you and your family right now… I know your heart aches for Tyler – wishing he were with you and graduating, yet knowing you wouldn't bring him back to this earth for anything in the world… Praying, praying, praying, my friend…and asking God to keep you on my heart all week…

    with love,

  3. I always remember to bring my camera to events but forget to take it out of my purse to use!!!!

    I've been praying for Deb also and hope all goes well today. Sounds like you gave your son a perfect party a few years ago. And nice memories to think of. Hope you're doing okay!!!

  4. I hope the table was there, but if not…my husband says"when something doesn't work out, that just means God has something better for you"! It's true….the being patient and waiting is the hard part!! Sounds like it is going to be an emotional week for you. I pray God will encourage your heart and give you joy in the midst of it all as you celebrate with people you love.

  5. Jennifer, you will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers this week. What a bittersweet time for your family. I know you are so happy for all of Tyler's friends who are graduating, but so sad that he is not a part of the excitement. My friend's son would have graduated from college last year, so I certainly know where you are coming from right now. I admire you for being there for the other boys. I sure hope that your table is still there, but if not, something else will come later. Thanks for sharing the directions for making those precious graduation hats. They are the cutest things ever. I have never seen those. Know that God will be with you this week to keep you strong and that Tyler will be watching from heaven with a smile on his face for all his friends who are graduating. He will be with everyone in spirit. Love & blessings from NC!

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