Welcome November

November is already here! Although October is probably my favorite month, certainly this month is a close second. The only real “problem” with November is the COLD…I am a real baby when it comes to cold weather!

I did get out my few Thanksgiving things this weekend. Most of my October and harvest things can be out through November, but I do have a few turkeys and pilgrims to set around here and there. Most of my things I have had since the children were much younger but everyone seems to still enjoy them – even my sweet daughter (who is 20!) commented on them tonight. One of those comforts of home, I suppose.

Its funny…it seems the things we think really aren’t a “big deal” often mean much more than we realize. Creating family memories and/or traditions does not need to be difficult or cumbersome…..a lot of the time, they happen when we aren’t even really trying. This was even true for me this weekend with our neighbors. Since we were not going to be home this past Friday, I made some small treat bags for our immediate neighbors. As I was headed to one of the neighbors’ houses, she met me with, “Oh, yeah…my pumpkin bread,” and then remembered, “wait..that’s for Thanksgiving.” Apparently she looks forward to the pumpkin bread which I have shared a few times with the neighbors at the holidays. I never would have known anyone remembered. (Note to self…make pumpkin bread this Thanksgiving!)

Also this weekend, we got a good jump start on our Christmas shopping…yeah! If you have a Linens N Things….they are going out of business and are having great deals. Can’t give any hints here because I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises but it does feel good to be a little ahead of the curve.

One fun surprise for me….I was doing some “window shopping” (or planning) at a recent craft show and came across some of the prettiest frames I’ve ever seen. When I got home, I checked the website to look for another chance to buy one of the frames and there was a give away going on….of course, I entered and I found out today I WON!! YEAH! You should check these out…they are so pretty and a great gift for someone I found hard to shop for (enough hints already!)

It promises to be an exciting month – for lots of reasons. But right now, I am going to write my Thankful Thursday tonight ….before Tuesday even begins!!

5 thoughts on “Welcome November

  1. Yep, it is HARD to believe that we are in November!
    I knew that Linen N Things was going out of business… but when I was in there a couple of months ago, it still wasn’t cheap enough for me. At the time, it was only like 20% off? I do believe I’ll check them out this week to see what I can find at a true bargain now. It’s a shame that they are going out of business. They lasted longer than I thought they would. Anyhow, thanks for letting us know.

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