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THANKFUL THURSDAY and “welcome” to my home! I certainly don’t want to sound boastful, but this Thankful Thursday I want to thank the Lord (outloud) for our new home! I know I have mentioned it before – probably more than once since we moved in – but we feel so abundantly blessed in our new home!

When we moved in, it was cold and snowy and stay inside kind of weather….but with the beautiful spring and being outdoors, we are enjoying not only our home – but our yard, our neighbors and neighborhood even more!

Before we moved, Hubbie and I were what I called professional “house hunters”! We had a hobby of looking at homes and especially walking through model homes – still tons of fun!

I’ll admit – I feel in love with just about all of them. I can’t tell you how many times my heart told me, “this is the perfect house!” Thankfully (at least NOW I can thankfully) my much more practical hubbie was not so easily attached emotionally and he always seemed to notice “the negatives” of all those houses I found so perfect.

To say I would be disappointed – even angry:( at times – would be an understatement. But as honestly as I know to be…there came a point when I determined to be content with our townhouse and old neighborhood. I really began to believe we would stay there forever.

And, then God was able to bless (those ugly attitudes can really stand in the way of our blessings….)

We drove by this home one evening while looking for another house we had seen on the internet. It was love at first sight for both of us!!

We had not seen in on the listings because the sign had just gone in the yard that morning (just for us!!) We, of course, just wanted to take a peek – just for fun:) – and then the Lord literally opened every door….leading us as we bought, sold and moved!

It was beyond exciting!! And, honestly, every morning when we get up, Hubbie and I remark how much God has done for us, how happy we are living here, and how grateful we are……

So, that’s why I thought I would share today – not boasting – just bragging on our wonderful Savior!

Now – our weekend highlights are trips to Lowes!, working in the yard and filling flower pots!!

A lot of the bushes and plants were already here…and we have really enjoyed the fruits of someone else’s previous labors!! The azaleas have been beautiful. These gorgeous blooms always remind me of my granddaddy – his beds were FULL of these bushes and each spring his yard was ablaze with all their color!! He would be so thrilled that I have these few in my front yard:)

God truly is so good!!
I hope that each of you have beautiful, flower filled Thankful Thursday. And if you are ever in the area, the welcome sign is always out…and I would love for you to stop by for a tall glass of ice tea (and a sweet or two!!)

12 thoughts on “Welcome to My House

  1. What a beautiful house!! Praising the Lord with you for a perfect fit. The azaleas are gorgeous! I have also always loved the look of flowerpots on the steps of a porch, we are so much alike! Wish we lived closer!!

  2. Oh Jennifer I LOVE this post and I LOVE your house…It is beautiful, and I love the azaleas…soo pretty. I just love a front porch. Barely anyone in California has these. Anyone I know anyway. I have always wanted one. Something soo homey about them. How I would LOVE to sit on that front porch and sip tea with you!! Maybe someday…in the meantime, I would love a tour on the rest of the house ; )Have a wonderful, spring flower filled day! HUGS, Debbie

  3. What a beautiful home, porch, and yard! I'm thanking God with you for it! It looks very welcoming, and I can tell that the Lord will use it and you many times over in the years to come.

    Blessings to you today, friend…

  4. ok, I feel stupid….I didn't even know you moved!! Well, I am glad that I have come to see your blog. Now I know that! 🙂 Your home is beautiful!! I love the azaleas also. Our home had a lot of plants from our previous owners, and we enjoy the beauty that the flowers bring each spring!! I hope to see your home is person soon!

  5. Oh Jenn,
    thanks so much for coming by and giving me the good news that all your tests came out good. That was such a blessing to hear. So glad you had such fun with your daughter and Miss Roo at the Zoo.
    Glad to hear Jason is recovering as well, know that must make your heart happy.
    This was such a neat post I really enjoyed it, and your house is so pretty, love your nice front porch. You sound on top of the world and It made my heart sing to hear something good is happening to someone I care about. Cause all we have heard lately is bad news, and it just sort of wears on you after awhile.
    Blessings Galore sweet friend and thank you so much for sharing your good news……….it really helped.
    Love and blessings, Nellie

  6. Your house is just lovely! Isn't God sooooooo good to have that house picked out just for you and your hubby. God did the same amazing thing for us 8 yrs. ago.
    I love the elevation of your front yard. The azaleas are beautiful. We have been enjoying ours lately as well.
    We have white rockers are the porch, too.
    I came to Occoquan, VA for about 7 yrs. straight to do their craft show. Is that near you?
    I don't do them anymore.
    I hope your weekend was a blessed one.

  7. So very happy for you! What a beautiful home! Those azaleas are the icing on the cake. Love that welcoming front porch! Happy housewarming!!!

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