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I’m at a certain season of life.  Not necessarily a certain age, although I am facing another “milestone” year in the coming months.  But, more appropriately, that my life is seasoned.  Matured.  And while it is true that we are always learning, I hope what I have already experienced along the way is not only shaping me but settling and grounding me.  This is a season of life for applying what I know to be true and for embracing what really matters.  For instinctively recognizing what is needful, valuable, and worthy of my time and energy.  And for knowing what is important.

GO.  When I consider what exactly is important, my thoughts go in many directions.  But, for the sake of this five-minute post, I would suggest that we all must “know what we know” and why.  My faith is the foundation of my life.  Bible truths impact just about every decision I make.  But this is only a good thing if I know what I believe and why I believe it.  I have been a Christian since I was twelve.  Many decades.  It can be easy to “do life” on auto-pilot, including my walk with Christ.  Yes, I want prayer, Bible reading and other habits to be as easy and natural as many other aspects of my life, but I want more than an auto-pilot, go through the routine relationship with my heavenly father.

There is another truth that I am noticing about this season of life.  Those times, situations or circumstances that test our faith – or even shake our faith – come more and more often.  Perhaps I’m just more aware but, honestly,  I believe they just come faster.  Heartaches and hard times in my own life and, then, so many that I know and love facing loss and/or huge trials.  Life can be overwhelming.  I need to remember my sure foundation and then know why it is so.  For my sake and in order to help others.

STOP.  Very quick thoughts today as I consider the Five Minute Friday prompt – although it seemed to take forever to get my thoughts into even a few coherent sentences.  I think I need this exercise (freewriting for just five minutes) more than I realize.  You can check out what others said about “important” here and, hopefully, they will be encouraging.  Let me leave you with one final thought.  This time of year, many are considering all types of Bible reading plans.  I have considered several myself.  Being daily in God’s word is essential; however, reading simply to check the box is not the goal.  Slow down.  Read to learn more.  To understand so as to apply and make a difference.  Spend quiet time in order to hear from God.  He delights to give us wisdom.  Even delights to have real fellowship with us!  Whether our days are crazy hectic or seem incredibly long.  Whether our world (and the one around us) seems to be spinning out of control, or we find ourselves filled with peace.  Whatever life brings or whatever the season, genuine relationship with Jesus Christ truly is what is important.

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  1. Yes! I am with you on the importance of living out our faith, walking with the Lord. I just started a study of the book of James with a group of women –it speaks to this time.

  2. “I would suggest that we all must ‘know what we know’ and why. My faith is the foundation of my life. Bible truths impact just about every decision I make. But this is only a good thing if I know what I believe and why I believe it.” It’s almost like you read my mind, for I feel the same way about the need to stay grounded in the faith. Thank you for this post.

  3. An older Christian told me (as a complete newbie) “Go out and preach the Gospel, and if absolutely necessary, use words”. So yes, don’t just talk a good talk – walk a great life! Just popped by from FMF #18

  4. I used to find my faith in Zen
    and thought that I was cool
    until the weird-out moment when
    I knew I was a fool
    for looking in an Eastern mirror
    to find a Western mind;
    what, indeed, could make it clearer
    than in seeking I should find
    a God who chose a pauper’s birth
    in a stable dark and drear
    that He could thus claim our worth
    in choosing to draw near
    to our filth and chosen sin
    that we might begin again?

  5. I got artwork of this verse to put up as a daily reminder because I think it has such a clear message of how God is in sovereign and in control of every aspect of our lives. It makes our relationship with God not only edifying but indispensable.

    “God has done all this, so that we will look for him and reach out and find him. He isn’t far from any of us, and he gives us the power to live, to move, and to be who we are.” Acts 17:27-28a

    Love you Momma!

  6. This makes such a difference, Jennifer, “This is a season of life for applying what I know to be true and for embracing what really matters.”

    Regarding daily Bible reading plans, I have found Audio Bibles to be so freeing. I can listen to whole books or stories while driving, cooking, relaxing in a chair, etc.

    1. I’ve never really tried the audio books…but I really should give it a try! Thanks for the suggestion –

  7. Oh this is beautiful, thank you. Your description of maturing in our life with God was well said and so true. Richard Rohr says our faith is built on our experiences, too. We find that in all things, God will work for good, and this strengthens us in ways we never would have imagined. Thank you for writing, Jennifer.

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