FYI: I don’t know what clock blogspot is set to….maybe Tokyo time. I did leave early but not 3:30 in the morning! HA…I am nuts but that’s a little much! 🙂

Note to self:

* I do not have to go to work
* I do not have kids at home that I have to schedule around
* My time is very flexible
* That said, there is no earthly reason to schedule any appointments – especially dentist appointments – at pre-dawn hours!!
* It is WAY too early….and I’m off to the dentist!?!?! Have mercy.

7 thoughts on “WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?

  1. Are you kidding….I have seen your blog times 4:26 am. Going to the dentist on their time (8:00am) is mid-day for you. How wonderful that you have begun a new chapter and you can enjoy the freedom it brings.

  2. I accidentally set my clock to CA time when I first began blogging. I chuckled at the thought that people may have thought I (NOT a morning person) was up posting at 5:30am!

    Hope the dentist went well!

  3. LOL!! I have done this so many times. They ask you to schedule the appointment six months in advance and sure..8:30 AM sounds great! Until it comes on a lazy summer morning!

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