Yes, this is the inside of my pantry..just what you always wanted to see. I love this chalkboard – or, at least, the memory that goes with it – and I did not want to get rid of it when we moved but I could not seem to find a place to put it in the new house. Then one morning as Hubbie was leaving and asked (as he does EVERY morning) what’s for dinner?? I had the brilliant idea to write my weekly menus down…but I don’t like things on the refridge, so where to put the menus – and the rest is history.

The green at the top is scrapbooking paper that covers the original picture of apples – which leads me to the story behind the chalk board. There was a time when I had an apple themed kitchen (as did half of America, I believe). The problem with themed kitchens, or any room for that matter, is the theme can quickly take over. It was apples everything!! Actually, I just took the last of my apple items to a local consignment store and have finally, officially ended the apple era at our home:)
However, during the time when apples were king in our kitchen, I took an amazing trip. My mother and I travelled to Moscow – by way of Paris! (A trip to ANYWHERE by way of Paris is an amazing trip!) We met a friend of mine in Paris and had a great long weekend….I will have to share more about that trip some other time.
Of course, we did what any good girlfriends would do when in sight of the Eiffel Tower…we ate and shopped – and then ate and shopped some more! While shopping, I came across this blackboard. So cute – AND it had apples at the top. I was convinced it was the perfect souvenir. A blackboard hanging in my American apple pie kitchen to remind me of my wonderful trip. Great idea….until you try to carry said blackboard through airports, in taxis, and every other tourist filled spot between France and Russia. It did not take long to regret my decision to buy such a large, awkward size souvenir (did I mention I don’t travel too far from home very often!)
The worst experience was at the airport in Russia as we tried to leave to go home. The gate agent there went nuts over this blackboard as if it was some top secret contraband. He literally wanted to take it apart. I was a nervous wreck and, at this point, was thinking he could just have the board….but my brand new sister in law (we were there for my brother’s wedding) “exchanged a few words” with him – I though for sure we would all end up arrested but apparently that’s the custom and we were on our way. Oh my goodness. All that for a Parisian blackboard.
And the funny thing – once I got it home, the apples were a off-yellowy color and didn’t match the kitchen at all…and it ended up hanging elsewhere in our home! HA…but it always reminded me of that trip. So, I am glad I found a spot for it in our new home. And Hubbie likes knowing what is for dinner – has always liked that. Sure wish I could write on it with a really cute handwriting – hats off to all my teacher friends that can actually write in straight lines on a blackboard!
Yes…I said all that to ask about your menu for this week! Do you have a special Easter menu? or something that you have every year that makes it Easter dinner at your house? I am putting the final touches on our menu today…and would love some last minute ideas. Hope you will share (and maybe I’ll write it down on my blackboard…my cute Parisian blackboard!) 🙂

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  1. What a great story! I love the board and the idea you are using for. Definitely something to consider.

    My kitchen was "ducks" for years – like you said…duck everything! I am currently in the apple theme, but laying way back, just a few here and there!

    I loved the Easter picture in the last post. Such cute babies and their matching outfits were great. I could never pull that one off. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your blackboard!

    Thank you for the sweet comment you left me at Life By George.

    I pray you and yours have a very blessed Easter. Thank God that we serve a Risen Savior! Isn't He wonderful?

    God Bless you!

  3. I love that story. I also love Paris, not that I've been there often but I do love the Paris "look". I have a blackboard in my kitchen that I love—it is a child's blackboard from the 50's…just like me!

  4. I loved this story of your chalkboard, which is soo cute (what a wonderous trip that sounds like) and I am very impressed that you plan your dinners a week in advance. I am lucky if I plan them a meal in advance, haha…My kitchen was ducks, then apples, and now it is fruit in general,lol…that way I kept a few of the apple things. How funny we all are…Easter dinner is almost always cold honey baked ham sandwiches, baked beans, (I have such a yummy recipe) hard boiled eggs (of course) veggie tray, chips and dips and candy and strawberry shortcake for dessert. This is soo easy cuz I can get everything ready the night before and all I have to do before church is put the beans in the oven. Everything else is cold and ready. Paper plates and call it a wrap. But this year we are going to my sons house and I am bringing the beans and have no idea what else is on the menu. I am really curious what your menu is. I tend to get in ruts and call it "tradition" haha… there is just soo many of us that I try to keep it simple. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Deb

  5. Love your chalkboard story. I can see why you wanted to keep it. For Easter we are having Honey baked ham, vegetables, deviled eggs, yeast rolls and my Mom's delicious fresh coconut cake. There will just be 5 of us here this year, so it will be pretty simple and low key. We just enjoy our time being together. Love & blessings from NC!

  6. Jennifer-I have lost your address. I have your "prize" ready to go and I seem to have deleted your address. I know you just can't believe that about me, can you? 🙂

    Could you send me your phsyical address to
    clarksrfun at gmail dot com
    Wendy (MamaHen)

  7. now that is a great story! love that you covered up the apples to continue using it. i probably wouldn't have thought of that and gotten rid of it. i did the apple theme at one point too, then my whole house was country. cows. i mean cows everywhere. cow everything! a couple years ago i sold all my cow stuff on ebay. i couldn't believe people wanted it!

  8. Morning Jennifer,
    Very cute story about your blackboard. Yea, those customs people can be rather scary. We lived in Germany almost 40 yrs ago, and I really hated when we had to go thru the border guards between countries because they would come out real sternly and look all in your car and act like you were some kind of criminal. Made me very nervous cause over there they can throw you in jail and you don't even get a phone call, no one would know, course, I don't know who we would have called anyway!! lol
    Glad you found a way to use it in your new home, cause I love having lil reminders like that around that remind you of happy events in your life. Guess that is why the Lord told people to build lil memorials to remind them of Him, huh!!
    We usually have Party Chicken and a rice pilaf, with 24 hr. salad,
    rolls, and this year I am making a carrot cake, most times I do strawberry shortcake.
    Hope you have a Lovely and Blessed
    Easter my fine Sweet Friend,
    Blessings, Nellie

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