When Will My Thoughts “Return” to Normal??

Hello June – and embracing all the summer vibes!!  My hydrangeas are “this close” to bursting into full bloom!  This is also the first FMF post for June – the prompt for today is RETURN.  Usually, my thoughts start heading in one direction right after I read the prompt, but this week my thoughts are all over the place!  With this upcoming trip, it seems just about everything sends my thoughts towards Thailand, missionaries and/or my travels.

For instance, after I read RETURN this morning, my mind became jumbled:

**When I return, what stories will I have to share?
   **When I return, will the jet lag be as difficult as last time?
      **Once I return, how will God have changed my heart – and used Thailand to impact me?

On and on, the jumbling continues.  Although questions that could have significant answers, they are for another day – and not a post for this FMF.  Then I thought of this true story:

I was browsing a young girl’s story – shall I say, Tween Store – for a birthday gift.  The checkout line was a bit longish so I continued to browse although I had already chosen a few things.  The first problem at the checkout was a customer wanting to pay with a check.  A check!?!  Not kidding.  The clerk (who said she was the manager!), apologized for the delay but said she just was not sure how to process a check because…..no one uses checks!  I guess it would be funny if I wasn’t old enough to remember when checks were the jam!  I remember excitedly choosing my check design – the one that represented “my style.”  Oh me.

Back to the story.  After this customer, the next lady had a return.  A return of $223 worth of stuff!  There were seven items – but her receipt had only four items on it.  The customer was insistent that she bought all the items…at that store, at one time, on that receipt.  The manager, who counted the items on the receipt no less than five times, seemed totally perplexed how to make the return.  Did not seem hard to me – you cannot return items you didn’t purchase.  This challenge took over fifteen minutes to resolve.  And, yes, the manager just gave her store credit for all the extra items.

I was sure I could draw some deep and meaningful conclusion from this story.  But, apparently, it is just my rambling.  I think rambling is going to be a constant struggle for the next few weeks!  At least until I have everything neatly tucked into my suitcase.  Or suitcases.  I refuse to even think….what have I forgotten??

My five minutes are up….so I will simply leave you with these verses I read just this morning.  With RETURN.  I love it when that happens!!  I pray they will be a blessing!

Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
Isaiah 55:  6-7
Thank the Lord today for abundant pardon!!

6 thoughts on “When Will My Thoughts “Return” to Normal??

  1. When you return… This is one of those seasons where the mystery, magic and unimaginable blessings are what lie ahead! I hope, once you return, you will share and link back to this as a reminder of God's faithfulness as well as your trust and anticipation!

  2. Your trip sounds amazing! It's understandable that it's the main thing on your mind right now. Look forward to hearing your stories when you return!

  3. Although not as I frequent as I used to, I still use checks too. Indeed, revealing my age. Wow, returning to Thailand…Your upcoming trip sounds like it will be a return to remember, filled with many blessings. Thai cuisine, my favorite. I am so glad that I stopped by. I am your FMF neighbor. Blessings

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