We were gathered around the table for another afternoon of UNO.  Certainly one of the highlights of my week.  Uno with my special, senior friends at the nearby assisted living complex.  Sally played cards that afternoon which was nice because it has been quite a while since she has wanted to join us.  After she pulled up to the table, she looked around at the group and asked everyone, “So, where do you live?”  The other ladies were confused – because they all live there. Together.  Sally played cards like a pro but spent much of our time together trying to resolve not only where she lived, but also how she got to this place and how she could get back to where she lived.  Wherever that might be.

It makes me happy that Sally has such a nice place to live and people to look after her.  I saw her yesterday and whether or not she is still wondering about her address, she also seemed happy.  But I continued to think about her questions.  How often have I wasted time and mental energy wondering not only how I “got here” (to this certain stage or time in life) but also dreaming of how to return to a previous time or place?

I love memories.  I love to recall stories – to hear the same family favorite that never fails to make us laugh til we cry.  But whatever the past holds – beautiful moments, hard lessons, deep regrets, or sheer joy – it is, quite simply, the past.  All of it shapes us and has helped to bring us to where we are right now.  There is also much that is exciting, and humbling, about the future.  The possibilities that it offers.  But, truth be told, the present is where we are.

I need to invest the majority of my time, my efforts, my energy (mental and otherwise) in today.  The present is where I am and I am grateful and blessed for this time.  This day and this stage of my life.

STOP – the end of my first FMF for this year.  And it is already February.  If you read my previous post you would know my difficulties getting my blog going this year.  I’m pressing on.  My first response to today’s prompt of “where” was to think – where are my pictures??  First I had poster size pictures with each post.  Now, no picture shows on my home page with each new post.  Grrr.  And, I have no idea what I am doing to change that.  But I will continue to write:)  And am grateful to join the FMF community again!