While I will never be a food blogger or even have too many recipes to share, after writing Friday’s post and reminiscing about my mother and grandmother’s cooking….I remembered my treasure.  I’m not a saver and do not have too many keepsakes from days gone by; however, I do have this special wooden box.  It is my grandmother’s recipe file.  Just a simple wooden box with a flip top – very practical – yet stuffed to overflowing with recipes clipped from ladies’ magazines that date before I was born and, as well, many recipes handwritten by either my grandmother or my mother.  I love seeing their handwriting as much as do the memories that come from reading the recipes!!

Pound cake was a favorite dessert for our families.  My grandmother made her pound cake from scratch.  I even remember cold-oven pound cake.  Always sounded intriguing to me.  My mom had no problem serving Sara Lee pound cake – cut into perfect rectangles out of the signature aluminum pan.  But she always made homemade sauce – a custard, really – that, truly is better than anything I could describe!  Whenever given a choice for dessert, pound cake and custard was a hands-down favorite!

The recipe is as easy as it gets. I can never get mine exactly like hers (her love made all the difference!) but it is still well worth it!!

Sauce for Pound Cake
  2 cups milk
  2-3 eggs, beaten
  4 T sugar
  1 dash salt
  1 t. cornstarch
  1 t. vanilla
Cook over low heat until thick.

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