A Winning Comment

I was a winner!! Could hardly believe it but one afternoon, I received a note in my comments that I had been randomly chosen from Mama Hen’s blog comments and had won a give away!! Bless my little heart. What a nice surprise…and my sweet package arrived in the mail on Saturday:)

More about that in a minute but I thought that was such a nice way to do a give away…and since then I have been thinking about comments on blogs. My thoughts on the subject have changed several times over the past months but I think I have decided comments are fun!! (and you can even be a winner!) 🙂 I once read a post on a blog that I would read occasionally and this author was down-right peeved over comments. She thought it was “rude” to read a post and not comment and even went so far as to say, “if you’re not gonna comment, then don’t read the blog”…so, I’ve never been back.

I’ve also read (more than one) posts about how to increase your number of reader as well as the number of comments you receive…a comment tutuorial, if you will. Really now. I also skipped over that one.

I did not begin blogging for comments and I certainly don’t want my focus to be the number of comments I have – and, at one point, I even thought of turning off the comments so I wouldn’t be distracted by them. However, I really enjoy my blog comments…a note of hello or an encouraging word from blogging friends – and I have made some very nice friends while blogging.

In my sweet package on Saturday were some note cards. I love note cards! I enjoy sending “just thinking of you” notes to those I love and care about….and I love to receive a note. I don’t want note sending to be something “I used to do”…but I also know I can’t send cards every day and to everyone; so, leaving a comment is also nice! One more way to send a hug, as I like to think of it. And, so, I’m leaving my comments open and simply enjoying them for what they should be.

As for my package – in addition to the note cards, I received everything necessary to get these toes of mine into the “open-toe” season….and, goodness, do they need the help! I am so looking forward to a pedicure. Oh, and there were some cadbury eggs, too!! Man, oh man, lucky me!! Thanks, Mama Hen:)

7 thoughts on “A Winning Comment

  1. Congratulations, Jennifer! You have been pretty "lucky" these last few weeks…first the Ladies Conference and now this! Yippee!

    I agree with you about the comments…they're fun to read on my blog and they are fun to leave on other's blogs!

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    First, congrats on winning the give away. Soo fun huh? I have won a couple of them. One of them (Sue at where memories are made) was soo packed full of goodies I could hardly believe it. There were even things her mother put into it, and things they had made. I felt soo special and it was soo fun. I too have been thinking about doing a give away just because I would love to bless somebody like I was blessed. Maybe soon. And then as far as comments go….I too REALLY enjoy my comments. I have come to really know and count many as GOOD friends (including you)…It is just part of the whole experience for me. What I don't need though, to tell you the truth, is more to follow or to keep up with. I have soo many now that I just can't bear too miss, and as you can see sometimes I get to carried away on my comments, and it takes up enough of my time as is. But I love that I can do it all when the time works for me. I do know that there are many women who have begun following my blog (some very recently) who I don't know who they are and they have NEVER left me a comment. A couple of them I e-mailed out of sheer curiosity and they both said they had been reading my blog for weeks, and yet they have never commented. Making me wonder how many really read it that I have no idea about. Because if everyone is somewhat like me, I don't officially follow a blog until I have been reading (and usually commenting occasionally) for a while. I have read many for a while, never officially followed, and then quit. I have never officially followed one that I ended up quitting. Maybe I don't officially follow easily, haha… I would love for everyone who reads it to OCCASIONALLY comment if for no other reason than I would be curious about them or their blogs as well. In other words if they find mine interesting, I probably would find theirs too. I have never heard of sites that tell you how to get followers or comments…seems kind of weird, but I am very sure there are methods. OK, I have written a book instead of a comments so I will sign this and get busy. Hope you had a great day Jennifer. Hugs, Deb

  3. I too, love the comments that I get each day. I have made some wonderful friends in the blog world. Thank goodness I have not had trouble with ugly comments, but I know some people who have and that is discouraging. Congrats on winning a prize. Isn't it fun to receive a package in the mail? I have won several things recently too. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I'm so glad you won! I also love comments and really try to get back to everyone who left one for me on my blog. I love the pictures of your son's grave. It's so beautiful and your post that day was also beautiful! You are a very strong person and it shows in the way you write. You have your grief, but you also have your hope!!!

  5. I'm so glad you liked your package! I bet you knew it would have something to do with painting toenails, didn't you. And awhile back you mentioned you liked Cadbury eggs so I had to include those also.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    so happy to hear you won a give away, how fun!! Make sure to take a pic of those piggies once there painted now!! lol
    I am with you about comments, I write so that people can read it, not for the comments, but they are such a blessing and encouragement many times, and I have made a lot of neat christian friends such as yourself, who have inspired and enriched my life and I love hearing from them often,
    It is just plain fun and heart warming!
    blessings sweetie,

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