Winter Winter Go Away!

A Simple Woman’s Daybook: the last day of January 2011
Outside my window….it is grey and wintry. Piles of dirty snow line the curbs and small patches of melted snow have refrozen overnight. And more ice and other wintry weather is in the forecast for later today. Oh please. Winter has worn out her welcome around here!!
I am thinking….about spring – and dreaming of sunny days, planting impatiens, dinners on the patio and putting away my heavy coat, scarf and gloves!
I am thankful for….my coat, scarf and gloves!!
I am wearing…a new shirt from the thrift store – yeah. It is striped with sunny yellow, melon, sky blue and several other “warm” happy colors. It makes me smile this morning.
I am remembering….last week’s terrible ice storm. So many are still recovering and many are still without power and now a new storm is on the horizon. It is really unbelievable what happens to the traffic in our area when the weather is bad. I am so thankful that Hubbie does not have to commute – or even go out if it is really nasty.
I am going….shopping and to lunch with a friend this morning. HomeGoods is on the agenda. Life is good!!
I am reading….some of the neatest gardening tips in this month’s issue of Southern Living – like the cutest way to grow strawberries in pots for your deck or patio! I am just itiching to plant something. (Planting I don’t have too much trouble with…it is the whole getting things to grow and survive that I struggle with!)
I am hoping….to have another productive week this week – and to see some good results with the scale on Saturday. GRRR.
On my mind….a pastor who’s wife died suddenly this past weekend. Pastor Williams was on his way to our church on Wednesday to be a guest speaker when last week’s bad weather hit. He turned around in West Virignia to head back to Indiana. Not only was he home when his wife passed away, he was with her all day the day before as well. God was certainly in control.
From the kitchen….chocolate chip pumpkin cookies. Oh my goodness, they were delicious. (And I wonder why I struggle with the scale on Saturdays!)
Around the house….are paint chips – well, at least, in the bedroom. I am wanting to do some painting but why is picking just the right color such a challenge??
Plans for the week….are always tentative with this crazy weather. (Have I mentioned the weather enough??!) Hopefully, there will be Bible study on Tuesday at my church and a new study starting at a friend’s church on Thursday.
One of my favorite things…..Bible studies:) especially with good friends.

8 thoughts on “Winter Winter Go Away!

  1. Good morning!! I love this. I have a feeling as much as I would like to see some snow, I'd probably be right there with you about now…We had a little rain yesterday, but it is suppose to be nice and sunny today. Sunny all week as a matter of fact. Sounds like you are like me (imagine that?) I plant things but it is the getting them to grow part, haha.. Your day sounds good…I want to come…I LOVE Home Goods, and I haven't been in a while. ENJOY your day! HUGS

  2. Here in Florida we always think of how glamorous snow is since we never get any. But I"m sure we would feel the same way you do if we were in it for such a long time! Hope you enjoy your lunch. I also bought (from a thrift store!) a springy shirt this week! It is a vibrant shade of teal stripes and has spring like emblems on it! Loved hearing what is going on in your life today!

  3. Hi Jennifer!
    Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies…never heard of them, but do they ever sounds YUMMY! Yes, I've been dreaming of springtime, too…I'm so ready for warmer weather!

  4. I am so ready for Spring! We are being hit with a winter storm as I type this–another winter storm. I hope you had a fun shopping trip and some good "girl time" with your friend today!

  5. Hi Jenn,
    Good to have you visit today girly.
    Wow, so sorry yall are getting hit so badly with all this cold and snowy weather, I am sure you are weary of it, especially if your power goes out!
    That was so sad about the pastors wife, but so good that God got him home in time to be with her, how horrible if he had been gone.
    Hope all is well with you hon, sounds like it is!!
    Blessings for a warm cozy week!
    and yes, it is great that your hubby does not have to commute in all that bad weather.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    What a beautiful SWD post-I so enjoyed this today! Love the heart look too!
    I am looking forward to Spring and flowers and a little better weather!
    Enjoy your day.

  7. Wow, there are so many storms hitting different parts of the US right now. I hope you stay warm and safe.
    We dropped from 73 on Sun. to 40's yesterday. It's so up and down.
    Have a good week!

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