Thankful Thursday…..with a few flurries on Tuesday and some flakes in the forecast today, fall has officially past and the season of cold is here – so today I am going to be thankful for…….for..winter!! (That was harder than I thought!!) Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big whiner about winter. It is not winter, so much, that I protest, but COLD!

I have been thinking that my winter attitude could use some adjusting and then in my Bible reading this morning, I read Proverbs 20:4a…”the sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold” – yikes. I know this verse is a warning to the sluggard and about laziness…but the sluggard (don’t you just love that word?!?) was a whiner – about the cold!! That said, I am going to be purposefully thankful (at least, TRY) and hopefully get a little attitude adjustment in the process. During these next winter months, I am thankful for:

1 – hot tea, flavored lattes (also hot) and cocoa (and, yes, HOT)…with whipped creme! (my lattes and cocoa are made with skim milk so that cancels out the whipped creme, right?)
2 – the smell of wood burning fireplaces
3 – brisk (very brisk) walks with my puppy…he has so much more energy and fun than during the summer walks
4 – flannel sheets (with cute designs like Christmas trees or sledding penguins) and flannel pjs (minus the designs)
5 – more time inside to catch up on scrap booking, stamping or even reading (I am also mildly obsessed with organizing…so I have time to clean out lots of drawers and closets. When I run out of places at my house, my girlfriend lets me do hers!! I love you, Trisha)
6- the unexplainable thrill of snow in the forecast on a weekday evening (a definite carryover from all those years of working at the school – SNOW DAY is a magical word to any teacher) and the true beauty of fresh fallen snow
7 – children’s holiday specials on TV – like A Charlie Brown Christmas and the original Grinch. Not only do these remind me of fun days with my children but also of my own childhood with my brother and parents! (I don’t watch much TV so often I don’t know when this shows are going to be on…so if you happen to notice one coming up, let me know!)

Well, I was hoping to get to 10 but this is, at least, a start. I really should put the holidays that come during this time of year. I do love Christmas – for my Savior’s birth – but the holidays are such a struggle. We have not forgotten or given up on Christmas (as some grieving parents and families choose to do) but the “magic” is missing. But God is faithful…and just maybe I will be adding that to my list again one day.

This was supposed to be a “fun” post…didn’t mean to end so somber. I am going to do my best to embrace winter (well, we see). What do you love about winter?

3 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Wow! Flurries, huh? We are still in the low seventies here! Well, yesterday we were at 73 degrees and today the high is only 63. So, we’re slowly getting there with winter. Loved reading your list! My favorite thing about winter is having more of an appetite for ice cream. I love ice cream, but tend to eat more in the winter. Go figure!! lol!
    I also look forward to doing more scrapbooking and snuggling under a nice warm blanket while reading a good book.

  2. Great list. I like your #1 too!

    I’ll be praying for you this holiday season. I’m sure it will be so hard, but I pray that God fills you with His strength, peace and joy!

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