Without Excuse

Five Minute Friday and the prompt is EXCUSE.  How much could be written about excuses…the seemingly good ones, the sad and lame ones and all the in-between that comes with excuses…but this just a five-minute post.  So, these are my condensed thoughts:

GO – Why is it the excuses I offer – whether to myself, those I disappoint or even to the savior – so often seem to be a re-worded repeat of the last excuse?  Sometimes I am genuinely wanting to be forgiven and, yes, other times my excuse is more of an appeal for understanding or sympathy.  Whichever it is, so often, my excuses seem to be for the same offensive…or type of offensives. (Sigh.)  I think that is often true for most of us.  We all have those things which easily beset us  – trip us up, cause us to fall, to sin and which hurt others, our testimony and our fellowship with Christ.  Sometimes confessing hurts or is hard.  Sometimes it just seems pointless – so we offer excuses.

However, we are without excuse.  I know Romans 1:20 talks about being without excuse – and it is the first verse I thought of when I read today’s prompt – but I do not want to take that verse completely out of context.  The we who without excuse I am referring to…..that’s the Christian – those who are born-again and have the gift of the Holy Spirit.

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  I Cor. 15:57

We have all we need to live victoriously!!  We don’t have to live entangled by sin, under the weight of shame and regret, or defeated by an enemy that God has overcome.

STOP – If you are a child of God, live a life of victory today….and be sure to thank God for the victory!  We don’t need more excuses – and that’s a pretty nice way to head into Thanksgiving week!!

8 thoughts on “Without Excuse

  1. I know what you mean about always circling back to the same old excuses. Maybe sometimes I'm just afraid to really trust God's grace — kind of like the prodigal son, who had his speech all ready for when he returned home, yet his father surprised him with a celebration instead of condemnation. You're right, we're "without excuse," but because of what Jesus has done we don't NEED excuses. I really appreciate your take on this; thanks for writing.

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