Would You Rather – Back to School Edition

With tomorrow being the 10th, I thought, for sure, I knew exactly what today’s post would be:  a Ten on the Tenth post.  But, once again, the questions are just “too much” for me.  Too imaginative.  Too silly.  Just too “not me.”  It is a great link-up and I enjoy looking through others’ answers but I just don’t think I could make an entire post out of my answers.  And so I was scrambling a bit for an alternative and came across a Back to School edition of Would You Rather.  I have done a few WYR posts before and they are not only fun for me but I also enjoy the responses and comments.  Of course, there is no going back to school here at my house – we are way past that stage.  And I no longer work at/go back to school, so I thought this would be more of a “Would You Have Rather” post as well as a bit of a walk down memory lane.  We will see how it goes.  My answers will be bold.

  1. sit at your own desk or sit with a friend?  I had plenty of friends in school but was always a serious student.  No doubt, a desk to myself would keep me on task.
  2. …be able to read really fast or run really fast?  Run?  Who wants to run??:)  I remember when speed reading lessons were a thing and several of my (adult) friends took them.  When I read as if I’m racing, I get focused on my time and lose my concentration on whatever I’m trying to read so I really don’t want to read fast either….but it is better than running:)
  3. …have gym class inside or outside? Inside….I guess.  I HATED gym class.  My least favorite of all!
  4. …perform science experiments or read about science experiments?  True story.  The only time I ever “skipped” school was the morning we were dissecting pigs in 10th grade biology.  My mom approved and brought me to school during second period which technically made it an excused tardy but did not win me any points with the science teacher.
  5. …have no homework ever again or no tests ever again? I did not mind tests and was a fairly good test taker.  Homework was just a drain of joy (and afternoon time).
  6. …paint an art project or learn to play the clarinet?  Music over art (or crafts or handwork, etc.).  Both then and now.
  7. wear a uniform to school or wear whatever you want to school?  I always wanted to attend private school when I was younger.  My dad?  Not so much.  I attended public school from 1st grade through 12th grade.  Our public school started offering Kindergarten the year after I started school.
  8. …ride your bike to school or walk to school?  Throughout elementary school, we all walked to school.  We actually lived within view of the school so the walk was easy.  However, anyone who lived up to two miles from the school had to walk.  That was pretty much the entire neighborhood.
  9. …do your homework right after school or right after dinner?  I don’t exactly remember what my mom preferred/enforced but, given the choice now, I would just “get it done.”  Which is what I always had my own children do.
  10. …write with a pencil or write with a pen?  I haven’t written with a pencil in so long.  Funny now that I think about it.
  11. have only one teacher all day or several different teachers?  The years of only one teacher have the best memories for me.  Of course, that assumes you really like that one teacher.
  12. …go to a really big school or really small school?  This one is hard.  There are definitely pros and cons to both.  I do prefer to be a wallflower which is hard to do in a small school (or a small church!) but I still think I would choose small over “really” big.
  13. …have a study buddy or study alone?  Hopefully a study buddy that is smarter than I am!
  14. …go to school with a rip in your shirt or a hole in your shoe?  What??  I don’t know.  Why do the questions always have to get goofy?
  15. perform in the school play or be in the marching band?  Drama was one of favorite classes and being involved in school productions are some of my best memories!
  16. …play hopscotch or jump rope?  I have spent many an hour jumping rope in my day:)
  17. go to school year round or never get graded?  Although I would never have wanted my children to go to school year round – we did enjoy our summers! – I probably would have enjoyed it as a kid.  I really liked school.
  18. …make new friends or keep your old friends?  Can’t I do both?  I have always been a faithful friend…or a friend for life type of girl.  This has been both an asset and a source of disappointment, even hurt, at other times.  I have a few friends that I have known since early elementary days, some from college days, and several I’ve known since before my children were born.  I have several “newer” friends as well but I am also excited whenever I have the opportunity to make new friends – even blog friends:)
  19. sit in assigned seats or sit where you want in class?  I’m all about order and routine.
  20. write your answer on the board or yell your answer really loud?  Um, see above answer.
  21. write an essay or read a novel?  I do love to write!!:)
  22. have dinner with your teacher or have dinner with the principal?  I was always terrified of the principal as a child.

Well, if you stuck with me through all that – thanks!  Pick a question, or two, and let me know your answers.  I would love to read them.  Have a great Wednesday and here’s to all the teachers heading back to work!  Thanks for all you do –

5 thoughts on “Would You Rather – Back to School Edition

  1. So fun, Jennifer! Where to start, lol? I agree with you on many of your answers (except running. I’d love to run fast!!). Group desk arrangements are a thing now and as a sub, I hate it (everyone has his or her own desk but several are bunched together to form a group for projects. It makes classroom management so hard especially for a sub!) Definitely advantages of both big and small schools. I went to the latter and my kids went (and go) to the former. I can see you being a diligent student and being excellent in school plays and being a good friend! Have a great Wednesday, friend!

  2. This was fun to read Jennifer and to think what my answers might be. Write an essay or read a novel. Read a novel would always win for me. Hopscotch or Jump Rope…while I loved both, hopscotch would win! Pencil or Pen…Pencil for me. Hope you have a great day!

  3. I just love would you rather questions! I for sure would have picked art– I minored in fine arts in college and wanted to be an elementary art teacher. I enjoy most science experiments but I am so thankful that I never once had to dissect anything.

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