Yearning for Spring

Yes, there were several guesses about the color for the bedroom – and apparently there are quite a few green bedrooms out there:) – but no one guessed our color!! Let me say, first, it was not any shade of purple…as I had imagined it would be. We tested way too many purples before I finally figured out – purple was not working for me. We were really running out of time, and somewhat in desperation, I convinced Hubbie we needed to stick to our Plan A – our first color choice…..GREY!

Yup, its grey…and it is gorgeous, if I do say so myself. We really did not have a chance to test/sample many shades of grey but, instead, went with our gut instinct. Goodness, if we had only done that from the beginning because it was just the right shade. Might not sound like the perfect bedroom color but it is.

Having said that, I have not had the time to take pictures – oh, but I will. I like how everything looks during the day with all the sun streaming in – and, oh yeah, this working thing can really get in your way during the day:)

I did snap a few pictures yesterday morning. I am trying to keep up with Project: 52 Photos – a photo a week that captures my life/my world that week. And, even with all that is going on, I am really all about the weather these days. When, oh when, will spring ever arrive?? And to be fooled with several gorgeous days – only to have winter return, has been torture for this heat-lovin’ girl!

Even the pansies are confused. Try as they might to rebloom and stretch toward the sun….the ground around them remains covered with snow (again!) and it is cold. Oh, the irony…and the longing for spring and I thought this shot captured that this week.

6 thoughts on “Yearning for Spring

  1. Your pansies look beautiful…mine are very pitiful…and we're in the same county!!

    I, too, am looking forward to spring. It will come! 😉

  2. Hi Jenn,
    Can't wait to see pics of your bedroom. My walls in my living area are white with a touch of grey, and it was a good neutral, still a lil too white for me tho.
    I know it has been lovely weather here too, and everything is starting to burst out in blooms, and am wondering how long till we get another cold snap, but I think at least it want be freezing weather. But….we have actually had freezing weather in March before, so who knows, definitely,
    not the weathermen cause they are off the mark all the time anymore. lol
    I am sure to have snow on the ground after nice weather would be rather torturous!! lol
    Hope you have a great day hon,
    and get to snapping those pics!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Grey sounds really pretty…never would have guessed it! Your poor little pansies are trying hard to rear their pretty heads. Won't be much longer!

  4. Oh I can just picture a soft grey! I am quite anxious to see it. We are getting MORE cold rain this week-end too. We have had a lot of that for sunny California this year…but spring is SURELY right around the corner. I put in a lot of Impatience a couple of weeks ago out front….sure looking forward to all the color…have a WONDERFUL day! HUGS

  5. Love the pansies fighting for their bloom time!

    And I bet the grey on the walls is just beautiful! That's my favorite wall color right now! 🙂

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