You Gotta Love ‘Im

The other day Lois had an interesting question – and conversation to follow – on her blog about comments.  Today, I have a question: does your hubbie read your blog??  Mine, does not. I used to think it would be so sweet if he anxiously awaited for my posts each morning – eager to know what was on my mind.  But that so never happened….and, I’ll admit, there was a time (or two) that I  was miffed.  Until I asked him about it.  His answer was something along the lines of…”why would I read your blog???  Isn’t that a bunch of you and your friends discussing recipes, decorating and stuff??” Well, sorta.  Kinda.  You would have to totally know my sweetie to appreciate his thinkin’ that blog reading is akin to reading “Good Housekeeping” or joining me for Ladies Day Out at the mall.  But, I totally got him – and his point.  And now I am blissfully fine with enjoying the blog world all by myself:) Now that does not keep me from updating him on all the cool things I read/learn/discover while enjoying my blog time.  And I even tell him about some of my (wittier) posts – ha ha!  For instance, I was telling him about my list of things I do not do….and the fact that there are more than just a couple of us who do not eat tomatoes!  I’m not sure he believes me as he does love himself a good tomato! Anyhoo, we were quick to list several things he does NOT do.  So, john stateroom just for public record…….In addition to NOT reading my blog, he – – does not text….nor does he have any desire to ever learn (sorry, kids, I have done everything to try and change this but it ain’t happenin!) – does not go over the speed limit (at all. ever.) …..this one just might put me over the edge one day! – does not eat tuna casserole (again…at all. ever.)  He is good sport about just anything I serve him but the whole tuna casserole – absolutely not. – does not miss his afternoon nap…..but he looks good:)  and is really healthy so it must be workin’ for him! – does not share food or drink.  Too funny – but if I take a bite of food off his plate, he’ll just give me the rest of it.  He’s done.  When the kids were little, he was the same way if they drank out of his straw, etc.  Go figure.  But we did go to Panera the other night and “shared” a Pick Two.  I didn’t really consider it sharing as the two things came on two separate plates but it was a big step for him!! I’ll admit – this post will probably only amuse my family…but hopefully all “my blog girlfriends” have a wonderful weekend, too!!

11 thoughts on “You Gotta Love ‘Im

  1. no, my hubby doesn't read my blog…unless I tell him to go check out something I posted about Us. Like our recent 20th anniversary!

    Love your "tell all" about your husband's idiosyncrasies. The food one…I know some people in my house who would use that unfairly for their own gain. Take a swig of Dad's Pepsi means you get the rest? They'd be all over it! 😉

  2. Too funny! Mark reads mine and gets on to me if I don't post enough. 🙂

    And too funny also about the food and drink thing. I could probably use that to my advantage to score some extra dessert!

  3. Oh I totally enjoyed this…My hubby does NOT read my blog either…though he does eagerly listen to the stories I share about the friends I've made…He follows along pretty well too and remembers who is who, haha….there was a time it bothered me too…lol…or the fact that my kids don't read it either (sometimes Mel does) but I've gotten over it…(kind of anyway, lol) I wonder what my hubby would say he doesn't DO…now I will have to ask him. Have a wonderful week-end my friend! HUGS

  4. It amused the heck out of me!!! In fact, I think he IS me!! I do NOT, I repeat, NOT ever share drinks, or straws with anyone!!! NE one!! That is so funny! I share, but only before the biting has begun to occur! I am a germ phobe for sure!
    My husband does read my blog, although he may go to it once a week, and skim through to what interests him. He loves to see mine and my girls blogs, he says. He does text, and he is quite techy. Way more so than me. I just got a kick out of this!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Morning Jennifer,
    This was a very cute post………and my hubby rarely reads my blog either, it is usually when I ask him to….or tell him I said something nice about him or did something on the kids. He probably thinks about my blogging about the same as your hubby I am sure…….
    He did do a guest post for me once.
    He does enjoy stories I tell him about my blogging friends, and like Debbies husband remembers who is who. Not bad!! He knows your story about Tyler. Sometimes I wonder if Dee and Megan might read it at times and just not tell me.
    Cause I know several of their friends do read stealthly, and I only know because my friend who is one of them's mother-in-law told me. So thought that rather interesting.
    see something about one of them.

    Funny My hubby loves tuna casserole and tries to get me to make it….I despise hot tuna!! lol So I am the hold out on that one.

    Got your request for prayer and I am praying for you hon.
    and thanks for coming by and your sweet comments as always.

    Love and Blessings, Nellie
    It has been chilly weather the last few evening and mornings and it is just wonderful!!! Loving it!!!

  6. Oh yea, my hubby texts, I do not….I am technically challenged!! lol

    I have NO problem sharing food with anyone in my family, but with other
    people yes…………..

    Have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. My hubby does not read my blog. I do share others with him at times but I can tell there is not much interest and that is okay with me. My husband will eat anything I put in front of him and always says "good meal" even when I know it is not really that tasty. Go figure! Makes me feel guilty sometimes. Gotta love him! And yes, a little nap in the afternoon is always in order and my man is healthy too. Have a wonderful weekend……..

  8. Hello Jennifer!

    So nice stopping by this evening. Fun list about your sweetie. I also enjoyed reading the list of things you do not do 🙂

    Kindly, Lorraine

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