A 2020 Wrap-up – and a Short Break

December 26th – and Merry Christmas!  I have been rather quiet here on my blog and, honestly, have not been checking in with others’ blogs either.  I have purposely taken the last couple of weeks to simplify and enjoy the holiday season.  And, I must admit, it has been lovely.  I think there will be even more “stepping away” in the weeks ahead but am glad for this chance here, at the end of the month, to check in….to send everyone who stops by this space of mine the warmest Christmas wishes….and to reflect on all that has been worth remembering these past couple of weeks!  Share Four Somethings is the perfect opportunity to do so!  So, I will get right to it!

Something Loved. My son, Jordan, was able to come home for Christmas!!  He arrived last Saturday – so we have enjoyed a whole week before Christmas and still have over a week together before he has to return home!  How nice it has been to have him around the house again.  We have the best conversations…and share lots of laughs!  Sadly, I do not laugh a lot (and have mentioned my less than stellar sense of humor many times before) but Jordan always makes me laugh!

A few more Christmas specific things that I have loved: all the wrapping my daughter did for me!  She was pretty much a wrapping elf…and the presents were so pretty.  It was so nice to pass that chore on – although, she does not consider it a chore.  She loves it!!  We also loved yesterday’s cinnamon rolls, our (somewhat, sorta annual) Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt, all the holiday drinks of late (both warm and cold – thank you, Chick Fil A.  I had my first Peppermint Milkshake and it was amazing!), and I even loved the perfectly timed snowflakes yesterday morning.  The perfect kind of snow.  Big, pretty flakes – enough to make Christmas “white” but nothing that lingered, stuck or made a snow shovel necessary!!

Something Read. You might think reading would take up more of my time once I was blogging less – and on Instagram less.  But, not so.  I have just about completed my yearly Bible reading plan (um, five more days…) and have read through the Old Testament twice and finished half of the Old Testament (that plan is a two-year plan).  I love that pace for the OT.  I have read several Christmas devotionals as well this month and now I am trying to decide if I want to use a daily devotional as part of my quiet time in the new year.  I have been considering Scripture writing – writing a few verses, or a passage, in addition to my reading.  Have any of you ever tried Scripture writing??

Something Treasured. It is no secret that I am a morning person – and a summer lover!  Give me long days drenched with hours of sunlight!!  Winter – with its short days and dark mornings – is just hard.  But I really believe my intention to simplify, to slow down and to savor all that each day (and each season) offers has been working.  Winter mornings have become something I not only look forward to – but have been soaking in.  Of course, the twinkling lights really help:)  as does the morning fire and steamy cups of hot coffee!!

Something Ahead. As I alluded to above, I think the time has come for me to take a deliberate, planned and purposeful break.  This is something that has been heavy on my heart for a while.  The real struggle for me and the real source of heaviness originates with Instagram (which I may or may not continue) but I thought, if I am taking a break, a complete break would be beneficial.  In so many ways – but all of which are totally personal for me.  I want 2021 to be different.  To go differently and to be a year of real change.  I want to be healthier.  I want to be mentally/emotionally stronger and well balanced.  And, I very much want to strengthen my faith and to develop an even closer walk with my savior.

In order to do any of those things, I have to do 2021 differently.  (If you do the same things in the same way…you will only get the same results!)  So, I am starting January differently.  I’m rather excited about it…and a bit nervous as well.  Change does that.  I don’t know what my plans will be with social media – but I do plan to return to blogging.  I do hope all of my friends will not have disappeared.  That part really does make me nervous.  But I will take this opportunity now to wish everyone a wonderful and meaningful start to 2021!!  Surely there is much to learn from this past year.  Take what you have learned and use it to move forward.  Let the Lord teach you through all of it.

And, please join me again in February!!  Happy New Year, friends!!

17 thoughts on “A 2020 Wrap-up – and a Short Break

  1. You will be missed but we will be here when you return. I want to take the next week to figure out what I want to do as far as blogging and social media in 2021. Both are so time consuming. Have begun praying that God will speak to me LOUD and CLEAR because sometimes I can be quite hard of hearing and help me to know what I should be doing in this chapter of life.

    This year has been hard, hasn’t it? It has given us all a little down time to think, but maybe I’ve been caught up in missing what I couldn’t do because of Covid, instead of thinking about what I can be doing. Does that make sense? How wonderful that yu have been able to enjoy the winter mornings. I want…starting next week…to get up and do my quiet time at the same time every day. And to start my day with a little work out, too.

    All this to say, enjoy your time away. Come by to say hi, or shoot me an email to let me know what you are up to.
    Merry Christmas!!

    Glad your son came home and gave you the gift of laughter. One of my daughters makes me laugh like no one else. A lot of this year, I missed laughing.

    1. Oh, Leslie – you really do have the gift of encouragement! Thanks for stopping by and, as always, your kind and uplifting comments!!

  2. I am so glad that you were able to see your son for Christmas. That is a blessing!

    I have never tried Scripture writing. I hope to read your thoughts about it sometime. Maybe in the new year. I am still in the midst of my Bible reading plan, almost finished with the OT. I think as soon as I finish, I want to go back and do the whole thing over again, but more slowly this time, taking the time to highlight, underline, and write my thoughts about certain passages.

    I am glad that you eventually plan to return to blogging. I am ready for a break from other social media too. I am not on IG, but I have stepped away from FB. There is just so much negativity there. Enjoy your break and come back to blogging refreshed, with a lot to tell us! Happy New Year!

  3. I have missed your blog posts, but I certainly understand the needing a break part. I’m glad you posted this for me to read today! It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your family for Christmas- I know your heart is full with the knowledge that your son has a few days left before he has to leave! Family time really is the best time of all, in my humble opinion. Have a wonderful day and week and happy new year to you! I’m so glad I found your blog, you’re always very encouraging to me. May the Lord bless you, keep you and go before you every step of the way.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I’m so glad we connected through blogging as well! I look forward to catching up once I return:) Have a wonderful beginning to your new year!

  4. Jennifer,
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to step away from social media, but I’m always drawn back by family and friends, who I wouldn’t see or talk to otherwise. But, it always sounds so refreshing when I hear others talk about taking a break. I think that’s why I continually go back to blogging. I miss that deeper connection, where you can really share your heart with fellow bloggers, who are also going a little deeper, but without all the accounts that make you feel “less than” or discouraged.

    I had to chuckle when you said you don’t have a sense of humor 🙂 I also consider myself to not have a great sense of humor and I’m not a joker (but I married one!). I’m definitely the more serious one in the marriage (32 years of opposites) 🙂

    Anyway, your blog is beautiful and I’ve now got it saved as one of my daily reads, so whenever you feel led to come back, I’ll be ready to catch up with you.

    Enjoy your break 🙂

  5. jen you put a lot of effort into your blog and insta gram … and you do such a great job …im sure you can use a break. . .
    glad to hear you are enjoying Jordan’s visit … and its nice and long
    talking about your daughter wrapping for you (which i’m sure was a huge blessing . . . brings back memories for me too.. i use to wrap for my mother when i was a teenager living at home (it was quite an enormous amount ) and i loved it …didnt mind it at all . . .my kids never did that for me . so sad . .lol
    i so enjoyed the snow too …although the day we celebrated was christmas eve . . poured down rain all day . . 3 dogs in the house … wasquite messy . . . but oh so good
    sarah was just telling me how she so enjoyed the same peppermint milkshake from chik filet
    well merry christmas and see you in the new year

  6. Oh, I so resonated with you about the winter mornings. I am a sunlight and summer girl, but I too have enjoyed my quiet, dark, winter mornings with my hot coffee. We did take down our tree yesterday so I did miss my twinkling lights this morning. Look forward to reading your words when you return!

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