A Few Favorites: Food and Drink

Welcome to Thursday!  I don’t think it is supposed to rain today.  Well, what do you know!  It has rained either all day or for the majority of the day (with small glimmers of the sun) every day for the last 7-10 days.  And I do not live in Seattle!:)  Everything is green, that is for sure, and the cozy days have been a calm to my heart but I will be happy for some sunshine and vitamin D today!  My fingers are crossed!  I wanted to thank everyone who left such kind and thoughtful comments on my last post.  They sincerely were encouraging and a blessing to me.

And after the last couple of posts “on the heavier side,” I thought I would just have a little fun today!:)  I was recently catching up on blog reading and read Joanne’s post from a couple days ago.  Her list of favorite foods….where she had french fries right at the top!!  Indeed.  I have been thinking about french fries repeatedly since then as well as which foods I would include on a list of favorites.  I thought it was interesting, if not a bit funny, how that list has changed over the years.  For instance, I don’t even think cookies would be on the list any more. At least not has a entire food group.  Oreos would probably work there way on the list somewhere.  But not “all” cookies.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or a very disappointing thing.

Nevertheless, I thought it would be fun to consider some of my favorite things currently.  Who knows when I might change my mind again?:)  I think I will make this the “Food and Drink” edition.  Perhaps more favorites will come.  This list is not original to me.  I found it on the internet and have not actually read all the prompts yet.  You will be reading right along with me.  Feel free to let me know one or two of your favorites.  And, now – enough intro.

  • Favorite fast food restaurant?  I typically say that I don’t eat fast food; however, I will occassionally go to Chick Fil A with my husband.  I don’t eat chicken but will enjoy a salad when he gets a hankering for some chicken strips!  And one of their milkshakes never hurts either:)
  • Favorite ice cream flavor?  I like flavors with mix-ins – not plain chocolate or, for heaven’s sake, not plain vanilla.  Why bother??  I like cookie dough, or brownies, or peanut butter cups (yum) mixed in to a chocolatey base.
  • Favorite chocolate candy? Pretty much any dark chocolate.  I’m not much of a caramel fan but my brother introduced me to Ghiradelli Sea Salt Dark Chocolate pieces and…oh my!!
  • Favorite fruity candy?  I do not like fruity candy or any kind of sticky, chewy candy.  At all.
  • Favorite flavor Starburst?  See above.  No thank you.
  • Favorite dish at Olive Garden?  I suppose, Five Cheese Ziti.
  • Favorite kind of sushi?  I do not eat sushi.  (And you should not either!)
  • Favorite Asian dish?  Pad Thai.  This is one of those things that I would, at one time, have immediately put on my list of favorite foods.  Today…not so much.  I would say that it doesn’t “agree with me” but that is a phrase old people use all the time and I’m not going there.  LOL
  • Favorite Italian dish? Eggplant Parmesan or Spaghetti.  Of course, not all spaghetti is created equal (well, neither is eggplant parmesan) but I do love “a good” spaghetti!  I also really enjoy tortellini.  Now that I think about it, there are several really good pasta dishes out there!!
  • Favorite food of all time?  Trail mix.  Hands down.  That is one thing that has NOT changed!
  • Favorite way to cook a steak? I do not eat steak but can I just say here (why yes I can, it is my blog) that a barely cooked steak is so incredibly unappetizing for me.  I can hardly eat at the same table with someone who orders their meal that way.  Ugh.
  • Favorite pasta dish? Macaroni and Cheese.  Ah, I forgot.  They have some mac and cheese at Chick Fil A.  Definitely not homemade but yummy enough to satisfy this non-chicken eater.  Especially when it is crispy on the top!
  • Favorite cookie? Oreos.  They made the list!!
  • Favorite fast food French fries?  Don’t know much about fast food fries (or how they compare) but I love shoestring fries.  Actually, we used to go by Freddy’s just for the fries – and the fry sauce.  I forgot about Freddy’s.  We haven’t been there in so long.  I was introduced to Freddy’s when I was volunteering at our local assisted living.  Field trips to Freddy’s for lunch were a huge hit and we went there as often as we could.  Although we have not enjoyed Freddy’s fries lately, we do have a local cafe/coffee bar that serves the yummiest fries sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with mayonnaise.  We go there too often.  Often, just for the fries:)  Do you like mayo with your fries?
  • Favorite cereal?  I like granola type cereals.  Anything with plenty of nuts – almonds or other nuts – and lots of crunch.
  • Favorite breakfast food? Oatmeal with either blueberries or bananas.  Sometimes I get a taste for 9 grain pancakes (or something similar) also with bananas.  Sorry, Joanne, but I do enjoy bananas:)
  • Favorite pizza toppings? Peppers.  Or just plain cheese.  On a white pizza – yum!
  • Favorite fruit? Bananas or blueberries.  Sadly, fruit is not my favorite.
  • Favorite vegetable? Squash!!
  • Favorite dessert?  Banana pudding.
  • Favorite comfort food?  Banana pudding:)
  • Favorite way to eat bacon?  Nope.  No to bacon.
  • Favorite thing at a buffet?  Oh boy…but I don’t really enjoy buffets either.  I’m sounding a bit whiny here but if I were to choose, I would go to a breakfast buffet and would enjoy either a Belgian waffle or a fresh made omelet – both of which are delicious and have not been sitting “for who knows how long” on the buffet.
  • Favorite pumpkin-flavored treat?  I love pumpkin.  Pumpkin cookies. Pumpkin fluff.  Pumpkin bread pudding.  Even pumpkin in pasta dishes.  I think that is delicious.  I just don’t care of pumpkin pie.  Go figure.
  • Favorite dish at Thanksgiving?  Corn pudding.  Do you see a theme here??  Banana pudding.  Bread pudding.  Corn pudding.  Hmmmmm-
  • Favorite cake?  A simple Butterfingers cake that we make around birthdays.  Not sure of the exact name.
  • Favorite thing to cook?  I suppose…..desserts but I don’t make them too often.  Maybe once a month for church fellowships but I rarely make desserts for us here at home.
  • Favorite soda?  I do not drink soda.  Or pop:)
  • Favorite drink at Starbucks?  No idea.  We have several really nice coffee shops close to home that are so much nicer than Starbucks.  I’m not a Starbucks fan.  Or a Dunkin fan, for that matter.  But when I order a “fancy” coffee drink, I usually order the seasonal or special latte.  The last latte I had was a pink beet and honey latte.  It was beyond delicious.  I’m sure it had more sugar than I care to acknowledge which is why I do not order “fancy” coffees too terribly often. but when I do, it is a delicious treat.  Would you try a pink beet and honey latte??  My husband thinks I’m crazy.  I’m okay with that.  Yesterday, I had a rose latte.  It was good – if you like to drink roses.  You always take a chance with the “special” flavor but I enjoy trying them.

If fancy coffees are not your thing, pick a prompt off the list and let me know something that is favorite.  As always, thanks for coming by the blog today!!

7 thoughts on “A Few Favorites: Food and Drink

  1. You don´t like fruity, squishy candy? Or pop? Give me all the sticky, fruity candy and a large pop and I am a happy camper! And none of that dark chocolate for me (if given a choice…). Milk chocolate all the way. I like Oreo cookies but they have to be Mega or Most Stuffed. The regular and Double Stuffed do not contain enough filling for my liking :). I am with you on not being a Starbucks fan. But that is mostly because I don´t drink coffee at all! Enjoyed reading about your eating preferences

  2. We don’t eat fast food or sushi either and I can not stand Starburst or any sort of chewy candy. I also try never to eat at buffets if I can help it. I do enjoy trail mix and granola though. YUM! And I totally agree that ice cream needs to have chunks of “stuff” in it. I don’t drink soda or coffee or wine… so it’s pretty much just water for me by default. I too like lots of pumpkin flavored things (including pasta) but not pumpkin pie.

  3. I don’t eat fast food much but I do love sushi! I also love pink Starbursts but I admittedly like the most horrible candy – black jelly beans, licorice, candy corn..don’t judge me! lol

    I dont like starbucks either, and I cannot drink flavored coffee (I was at a coffee shop today that sold iced coffee with lime juice – gross.) My favorite is a cortado with whole milk – similar to a latte but the ratio is 1:1 espresso to milk. And I only like fruit ice cream. Can we still be friends? 😉

  4. What a great post!! I had to pause at each question and determine my responses. Banana pudding!! I rarely have it and never make it, but boy, it is good. And I love bread pudding!! French fries, yes. No thanks to fruit flavored sticky candies here either. But yes to squash. And this has made me very hungry!!

  5. My favorite fast food chain (in fact, it’s the only fast food chain we eat at for actual food) is Chick-fil-A hands down! I’m currently reading S. Truett Cathy’s book, It’s Easier to Succeed Than to Fail. Our son was at one time a general manager for a free standing Chick-fil-A in NC so the whole concept of Chick-fil-A has always intrigued me.

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