…And Five Things I’m Not!

After listing five things that I consider myself pretty good at….it is only fair to document some of those things that – well, I just don’t do well.  The things that keep me banging my head against the wall.  And that keep me humble.  I’ll start with the proverbial elephant in the room.

ONE – losing weight.  I really hate to even bring it up but it isn’t for lack of knowledge, motivation or even 100 new month/fresh Monday beginnings.   But I haven’t lost a pound in years.  Let’s just chalk it up to something I’m not good at doing.  I’m sure there are a two, three, or ten other (true) excuses but this just sounds better.  Moving on.

TWO – exercise.  See number one.  I’m not athletic and I pretty much hate to sweat – both of which make exercising loathsome.  I totally admit moving, stretching and burning calories is not only necessary but is also even good for me.  And, much like losing weight, I do make numerous attempts at starting.  It is the sticking with it, pushing through and disregarding the sweat (uhg!) that derails me. Every time.

THREE – ironing.  I made reference to this in the previous post when I said I would rather sort, file and organize rather than iron.  Actually, I can find absolutely anything, on any given day, to do in order to put off ironing. Absolutely the worst chore.  Ever.  My attitude, no doubt, completely affects my efforts…and explains my husband’s wrinkled shirts!

I have to admit…the more I type this post, the more I’m shaking my head. Why did I think this was a good idea??  Just two more – 

FOUR – any type of poker face.  I can usually bite my tongue and, with the Holy Spirit’s help, I try hard to remember that my opinion does not always need to be shared.  The problem is – even with my mouth closed, my face (and body language) usually give me away. This is something I need to work much harder on – not the poker face but the bad attitude behind it.  Simply holding in words is not really the answer.

FIVE – memorization.  I have a real desire to hide God’s word in my heart…to have verses saturating my thoughts, to be able to meditate on them and, as well, to easily recall them when situations and circumstances depend on it.  Not only is allowing His word to permeate my thoughts a blessing and a joy, it is vital.  Memorizing scripture does not come easy but I do not want that to ever become a reason to stop.  Actually, I do not ever want the challenge of something to be used as an excuse. Whether it be dieting, exercising, memorizing, stepping out of my comfort zone, following God’s path or any number of things…I want to persevere, keeping trying and begin again wherever I may have failed or quit.

So, no doubt about it, there is plenty that I am not good at doing.  Perhaps it is a good exercise to examine those, and then continue working to do them better.  If you have a thought, a method or tool that helps you with verse memorization, please share it.  I am always looking for new ideas!

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog — thought I would come visit. Love this post – I, too, have no poker face. I can't lie (which is a good thing!) because my face gives it away! I sometimes stare at the table during meetings because if I don't agree with something, it is written ALL OVER my face!!

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