And, without further ado……..our new kitchen!! My goodness, are we ever enjoying our new countertops!

I have to say the guys that were here did a fantastic job! Once the old counters were removed, all of the imperfections from the builders work could really be seen. Mike – from Holmes on Homes at HGTV – could have done an entire episode. There were holes in the walls behind the backsplash and the lower cabinets were so unlevel….it really was sad. They fixed it all and worked really hard – even before they actual installing began.

Hubbie has to paint the grout – but other than that, we were so pleased with the color. (You try your best to pick the perfect piece in the warehouse…but you never know for certain just how “perfect” will look once it is in the house. Goodness, you should see me trying to pick the perfect paint color for the bedroom – but that is another post!)

This kitchen could just possibly inspire me to cook more! and if it could only improve the end results, it really would be a miracle kitchen! If you are ever in my neck of the woods, please stop by…and rest awhile in my kitchen. I can make a mean grilled cheese:)

I picked up this for the center of the island while I was out antiquing on Friday. My girlfriend and I “discovered” a new shop and, oh my goodness, what fun we had!! It is a bit of a drive from home but so worth the trip. I LOVE looking for the new finishing touches! Scroll back up to the first photo – the one with the window that has no curtains. Any ideas?? I would LOVE any color and/or style suggestions.
Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the open look of the window but if you feel you need something, a valance that will give you a bright pop of color.

    I would so stop by for a visit and a grilled cheese if I was closer!

  2. WOW…talk about a huge difference! I really love your final results, Jennifer! Personally, I woouldn't change a thing about your window…it allows for natural light to come in and warm up your kitchen even more.

  3. Oh Jennifer I LOVE it! It is just a stun! Sooo pretty. I love how it all blends so well with the cabinets and just everything. I think I am with everyone else, probably wouldn't do much of anything to the window. I really like what you have…."maybe" a valance…if that. How I would LOVE to stop by your house and sit in that kitchen with you and share a cup of tea! HUGS

  4. Your kitchen so beautiful!
    Isn't it nice to have it all behind you – all the mess etc. We did our kitchen about 10 years ago and I was so glad when the mess was behind us. Enjoy!

  5. Hi MIss Jenn,
    Love your new counter tops, they look so beautiful. YOu have a very pretty kitchen. Isn't it amazing what a difference changing the counter tops can make. So neat!!
    Happy Cooking my friend, bet you will be more inspired to be in there.
    Take care and enjoy your lovely new space.
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. Jennifer, I love your new kitchen. So beautiful. You will certainly enjoy it! Thanks for your sweet comment. I actually don't live in the mountains, but we visit there a lot, since my sister lives there. I live in the middle of the state, also known as the Piedmont. Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Your kitchen is so pretty–the cabinet and counter top choices really appeal to me.

    I'm agreeing with some of the previous posters–a simple, solid color valance would be perfect.

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