Crazy Eights

My new friend, Dawn , tagged me with this fun Crazy Eight. It was a good one to “make me think”. I’m supposed to tag eight others; however, I know there are lots of different opinions about tags…so if you want to use this on your blog – have fun!! It not – that’s okay,too. I enjoyed – thanks Dawn!
8 Things I Look Forward To
1. The Wedding.
2. Spending the week, after the wedding, with Miss Riley!
3. Going to Hilton Head Island…we love it there!
4. Jordan coming home after Tech School.
5. Planning the Reception/Wedding Celebration for sometime during the week when Jordan is home.
6. My brother moving to Virginia.
7. Jordan’s phone call home on Wednesday.
8. Losing another two (maybe more??) pounds this week.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Received a direct – clear as a pin – answer to prayer through the Sunday message.
2. Snuggled the sweetest little baby Sarah.
3. Saw Hubbie “turn the corner” and feel SO much better – Thank the Lord.
4. Had leftovers for lunch…something we rarely do because Hubbie does not do leftovers (but the recipe was that good..I’ll share later.)
5. Caught up on my emails.
6. Talked to Jordan on the phone!
7. Used Curbside Pick-up for the first time…are you supposed to tip the guy who runs it out??
8. Talked to Jordan on the phone (yea, twice – in one day!)
8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. Write music.
2. Enjoy exercising.
3. Get in touch with the camp director from Camp Friendship (its not for lack of trying!)
4. Be crafty.
5. Wait patiently for a specific answer to prayer.
6. See Miss Roo more often!
7. Memorize scripture easier.
8. Make a difference.

8 Shows I Watch

(this one was tough)
1. House Hunters
2. Reba
3. Decorating Cents
4. Design on a Dime
5. What Not to Wear
6. 30 Minute Meals
7. I Love Lucy
8. The Next Food Network Star (??)

12 thoughts on “Crazy Eights

  1. I enjoyed learning more about you… and now, I’m waiting for that recipe! If someone who doesn’t “do” leftovers will eat it as a leftover, it MUST be good!

  2. Thanks for playing…I too received clear (crystal clear) answer to a prayer that I have been praying about for 4 years…God is SO GOOD!
    I need help- I can’t keep your “kiddos” straight.(probably b/c I am new to your blog)…how many kids/grandkiddos (?) do you have??? I would LOVE some pics!!!
    Thanks for the sweet, sweet spirit that comes across in EVERY single on of your posts! Have a great day!

  3. i have to have that recipe too because we aren’t big on leftovers in this house either, lol. fun facts we learned about you!

  4. It’s good to get to know you more! I like this I might snag it for my next post! I also LOVE LOVE design on a dime! I’ve missed it toooooo much since we turned out cable off. =)

  5. Jennifer,

    So good to be visiting you here at your beautiful blog! Thanks for sending my your info! You are now on my blogroll! Oh, and I love the picture of Tyler. He is with Nick! WOW! I love that knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love it!

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