Cruise Pictures – Copenhagen!

Believe it or not…I finally have some vacation pictures! So many pictures (and so few worth sharing!) that I have been overwhelmed with this “chore” but I had a huge brainstorm of an idea… know, just upload a few at a time! Break into smaller bits. Amazing, really:)

And so I present my Trip of a Lifetime photos – the beginning…Copenhagen. (Remember, you asked to see these!)

We really did not spend much time in Copenhagen – at least not to see a lot, unless the airport counts for much. We flew into Copenhagen from New York. Yes, we flew all night and forever…and this is what you look like afterwards. Tired and, well, tired. Smiling, though:) We traveled with friends and, believe it or not, they would not give me the okay to share any pictures with them in it. (I tried to convince them that the scouts for pretty people have LONG sense given up checking my blog, but no go. However, the pictures of them arriving at the airport…they look amazing. Not kidding, so perhaps it is just as well!)

Once we made it to the ship – it is quite the process – what would any self-respecting tourists do but begin taking pictures of ourselves – HA! Usually it is me take Hubbie, then Hubbie take me, and a few we do by ourselves (just for amusement purposes). It was nice having our friends take a few of us outside of arm’s length range. This one, however, is not one they took. We were at our muster station doing the obligatory safety drill before the ship leaves. Now, even more tired.

Pulling out of the port. I included these two pictures just to showcase the lovely weather we were having the first couple days. Lovely as in super chilly, misty and damp. Lovely for ducks. But remember these photos for comparison later on:)

More photos pulling out of port and looking back at Copenhagen. I really do wish we could have seen more here. Maybe I can convince Hubbie we need to go back…but it will certainly be during the summer months.

Is that quaint, or what?
And I will end of these vacation picture posts with a favorite photo from each of the countries visited………….

7 thoughts on “Cruise Pictures – Copenhagen!

  1. How exciting this must have all been. You look WONDERFUL for having flown for hours…I can't imagine me, haha..My hubby and I have a few of us with those arm length poses, lol. Wonderful when you get someone to take one of you huh? Looking forward to more…Have a wonderful day. It's raining here and I LOVE it. Hugs, Debbie

  2. Hi Jenn,
    That weather is very familiar looking, it was the kind of weather we had almost daily when we lived in
    Germany, I used to say where do we live?? England!! Cause I had alway heard England had weather like that,
    but never thought of other places being that way.
    I thought you looked pretty good for a tired lady who flew for 8 hrs or more to get to Copenhagen. Looked fresh as a daisy!!
    Wow, they have lots of the new wave
    windmills!! Looks kinda cool.
    Like the bike shot too.
    Just tell your friends they lost their chance for notarity!! lol

    I am with you girl on the pumpkin thing, me too, I love just about anything with pumpkin, just another reason to love love love Fall.
    Hope you enjoy the pumpkin pancakes. We will be having the rest of ours tomorrow. We froze the remainder for another Saturday.

    Funny that you love fig newtons and Annies crackers, and don't you just love Target stores, so colorful and roomy, it just cheers you up going in there.

    I will try to connect with your friends friday group tomorrow.
    So see ya then chickie,
    Blessings, Nellie

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