Currently: August 2021

Hello August…and welcome!  Today – the 3rd of August – is the birthday of two of my dearest friends…so Happy Birthday, Kristine and Juanita!  I hope they both have the sweetest of days!!  Juanita will be 92 today:)  I know we don’t usually disclose birthday ages but I talked to her yesterday and she seemed quite pleased with herself.  And her ninety-two years!

It seems everyone is back to school mode.  The stores.  The kiddos. And, well, even those of us who really are not impacted by it all.  You just can’t avoid it.  However, I do smile deeply on the inside when I stop and remind myself this phase of life is not concerned with back to school.  I’m totally okay with it.  But hats off to all your mommas who are seeing your summer come to an end and the school schedules resume.  Here’s to a good year.  Hopefully, one that will remain fully in person all year!

Enough intro….and on to what I am up to “currently” – all the things I am admiring and anticipating.  And a bit more.  It’s part of this link-up.  After you read what all the others are saving, please leave me a comment and let me know what you have been up to currently!  I would love to know.  Let’s get started…..

Currently, I am:

ADMIRING – the crepe myrtle out front.  We do not have a large yard and only two trees out front.  The cherry tree is one of the first to bloom in the spring and then we have our crepe myrtle which was so slow to bloom this year, I thought it was going to be a no-show.  All of the others in the neighborhood were in full bloom way before this one.  Nevertheless, it finally exploded in huge, dark pink flowers and is just a beauty!  Pretty much everything else is scorched.  Brown and tired.  But those pink blooms make summer look so pretty:)

ANTICIPATING – a return of 2020.  Every day, it seems we are taking huge steps backward rather than forward.  And I am not so much anticipating it (as in looking forward to it) but find myself worrying.  Fretting.  Sadly, even a bit anxious.  All of which needs to stop.  I do not want a repeat of 2020…for our country, my home, my church and, certainly, not for me.  Emotionally, physically or spiritually.  Enough said.

ENJOYING – this month with my son home!  Truthfully, it does wonders to help combat the aforementioned anxiety and fretting:)  We thought he would be home for just a week or ten days; however, he does not leave until the 20th…which gives us almost a month of him being home! We have been just busy enough – doing some of our favorite things – but honestly just having him “around” is so nice.  He is the talker of the family and I love talking with him!  He’s also funny and makes me laugh:)

I am excited for him and his next service assignment.  It is not at all what – or where – he had thought (as in somewhere warm and sunny) but he is packing all his winter gear and, actually, super looking forward to it.  Any guesses?

SPENDING – much more time outside than we usually do this time of year.  July and August typically make us retreat inside.  Between the heat and the humidity….well, summers can be draining.  But this year has been much more tolerable.  It is still hot and, of course, humid, but not completely oppressive.  And the evenings have just been delightful.  Lots of porch time.  We’ve been to an outdoor concert with friends and we have been on, at least, two hikes.  I’m a terrible photographer but I will include a couple of hike photos in this post.

SAVING – a bit of spending cash….so I can enjoy my upcoming girls’ getaway in a week or so.  I planned an overnight trip with some friends from church.  Headed to Lancaster – one of my favorite places to visit.  We have the cutest AirB&B reserved and have tickets for a local dinner theater as well as a country tour.  Of course, there will also be time for shopping – and I’m going prepared!  I have noticed, however, when I have money to spend, I usually do not find anything I want.  Is that just me??

And that is it.  Another look at my life “currently”!  How is the weather where you are?  Have you been able to get outside?  I would love to know how you are enjoying these last weeks of summer!


19 thoughts on “Currently: August 2021

  1. Crepe myrtle is so beautiful! Glad you are enjoying the summer weather this year.

    Its sad to think of things going back to what they were last year. Lots of prayers are needed either way.

    I hope you enjoy your girls getaway!

  2. How lovely to have your son home, I bet you are making the most of every day he is back. Now, where could he be heading to? If he’s packing winter clothes, he may be on his way here in the UK, we are having the weirdest summer, the weather is going from one extreme to another!

    1. Not the UK…but wouldn’t that be a dream come true for his mama? I’d be visiting every other month:) He is off to Alaska:) (I’ll visit there, too but not every other month!!)

  3. 92 is an amazing milestone. I would shout it from the rooftops!! Happy birthday to your precious friends.
    Glad you are planning a girls getaway. Hope you will have the best time.
    We have had a much milder summer this year versus last. I have enjoyed being outside, being in the pool more, walking. And our yard isn’t burned to a crisp. Glad you have enjoyed time outside, too.

    1. Oh, I wish I could say our yard is not completely crisped. But, it surely is. Hubbie keeps at it – watering and watering some more. But, truth be told, the battle is lost!!

  4. My crepe myrtle seemed late to bloom this year too. My husband always implies that the tree is in his way – but I say ‘don’t touch my crepe myrtle!’. I love that tree.

  5. How wonderful that your friend is celebrating turning 92! I hope you have a great time on your girl’s getaway; but I know just what you mean. I just got back from vacation yesterday and after a whole week away I came home with all the same stuff I left with. I had money to spend but found nothing to buy.

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