Currently: July 2019

Almost the end of the month…seems like a good time for another “Currently” post – a look at a few things that would currently describe my life.  Naturally, most things currently revolve around summer.  Summer projects, summer heat, summer happenings – generally all of which make me smile!

I am reading.  I have been reading/studying this year’s VBS material.  We will be having VBS in two weeks at church.  It has been a while since I was involved in this annual summer highlight.  Although we did not do VBS at our last church, our team did put on a super fun VBS when I was in Samoa…but that three years ago.  And, while I did technically teach a class, it was a whole lot of sign language, pantomime and, well, preschool silliness!!  What fun that week was!

This year, the students will be expecting a lesson in English.  And I will be teaching 4th and 5th graders – not 4 – and 5-year-olds.  I’m looking forward to it but, for sure, want to be prepared and ready.  So I have been reading the lessons.  This year’s lessons are a journey through Acts.  Should be a great week!

I am enjoying.  Summer!  Summer schedules (the sun comes up extra early which is a joy for this morning lover!), summer treats, getting summer projects done – including the front yard landscape project.  You can see the progress on my Instagram.  It has been a rough project, to say the least, but it is getting finished and we are thrilled.  Of course, there is also the summer heat but the evenings are long and bearable….and I enjoy being outside.  I always enjoy all the sounds in our neighborhood in the evenings.  Especially the kids playing – it brings back a lot of great memories for me!

I have been busy.  Planning our upcoming vacation has been fun lately.  We usually vacation in fall after school has started again and the weather is just starting to turn.  We will probably do that again this year but we also decided to get away this month.  Just because and just for the break.  We are going to relax in Holmes County, Ohio – home to the largest Amish population in the country.  Green, beautiful, relaxing…..well, at least that is what we think.  This will be our first visit:)  We are really looking forward to it.

I would love to know if you have ever been to this area…and, if so, what you recommend we don’t miss??

I am looking forward to – the end of our yard project.  Our trip away next week.  Upcoming VBS.  Generally, all the things I just mentioned!!  Next month also includes a family birthday (always fun to celebrate), a possible visit from my nephews, a quick overnight stay for one of my dearest friends, and some changes in family schedules, etc.

So – what are you currently up to??  I love your comments!  Have a great week!

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