Currently: March 2019

I am heading out of town on Friday – always fun!  I am going with a group of ladies from church to a women’s conference near Pittsburg.  I always enjoy, and benefit from, women’s conferences, but this weekend, I am especially looking forward to the chance to spend some time – outside of church – with these sweet ladies.  Since we are leaving first thing, I will not have time to learn the weekly prompt and participate in Five Minute Friday.  So I thought I would try something a bit different this week.  Just a quick look at some of the things that currently describe my life.  Perhaps this will become a monthly type of post for me…..


I am reading.

The Mitford series!  My absolute favorite books!!  It has been years since I have enjoyed these stories but, a few months ago, I found a lovely set of the entire series at our used bookstore.  They were in new condition and only pennies each!!  I quickly fell in love with each and every character all over again (I just want to move to Mitford!) but was so surprised how much I had forgotten.  With my memory, it is like reading the books for the very first time:)

I thought I would insert a picture here…so I googled images for “Mitford books” and to my complete surprise, shock and even sadness, the first picture that popped up was “Burying Father Tim”!!  Oh, say it isn’t so!!?!  I don’t think I can read it.  These (yes, fictional) characters so come to life!  This is a great series – if you haven’t read them!!

I am enjoying. The return of spring!  Our birdfeeder has been full to overflowing and one busy place.  Although I’m not a knowledgeable birdwatcher, watching these feathered friends every morning certainly makes for a happy start to the day.  The temperatures during the day have been lovely; however, the mornings are still cool.  But it should only be a couple of weeks and we will be enjoying our morning coffees on the patio again.  Our favorite way to begin the day!

Robins are so sweet and the blue jays, although ornery, are beautiful but, by far, my favorite songbird is the cardinal.  God has used a cardinal on several occasions to speak personally to my heart…and now every time I see one, it feels like a smile, or a hello, from Heaven.

I have been busy. Making biscotti.  I found a recipe on YouTube (at Megan Fox Unlocked) and, after the first batch, I was hooked.  I love to dunk (crackers in cheese, chips into dip and, especially cookies into milk!) As a professional dunker, I can attest that these crispy coffee dunkers are super yummy.  Not too sweet but definitely with a little chocolate:)  No, these are not mine in the photo – but perhaps next time, I will try some with nuts:)

I have made several batches of these treats and have gifted most of them.  They always seem to be a welcome and enjoyed treat!

I am looking forward to…my upcoming trip.  I mentioned our new church home in this post.  God has certainly blessed us with a sweet fellowship of believers, and we are still enjoying getting to know everyone better each month.  This weekend should be a wonderful time for that as well.  I am praying for safety, sweet fellowship and that the time at the conference will be profitable spiritually as well.

What are you looking forward to?  What has your life looked like lately?  Or currently:)

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