Currently: March 2020

And just like that…it is March.  Only 18 more days and we can officially welcome spring!  I noticed my neighbor’s daffodils are blooming!?!  Bring on all the signs of spring.  I changed my flags and front door wreath.  Sure, the porch still needs a good spring clean but it was a start.  And a welcome change!  And the beginning of March means another installment of currently – a monthly link-up where we share things “currently” going on in life.

I will admit the “currently” prompts were a bit challenging for me this month.  No doubt, as with most things, I overthink these suggested prompts.  Nevertheless, here are my thoughts this month. I am currently:

FIXING – well, let’s see.  There is our daughter’s car.  It simply decided to not start one morning.  No matter how old they are, girls call their dad when the car dies.  My husband has many talents but mechanic is not one of them.  He does, however, know all the right people and was able to get the car towed, fixed and returned to daughter:)  Another problem solved by Dad.  I love that guy!!  We are also getting the oven fixed.  It’s a long story…but it has been out of commission for months.  Until a generous friend offered to help us.  First, he had to fix the mess we made trying to fix it and then actually change the bulb!  Don’t ask.

HEARING – the wind howling!!  Literally howling.  For some reason, it reminded me of my mom saying every year, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”  And, Mom was pretty much right.  She so often was.  Thinking about that reminded me of some of the (many) other things both she and my dad said – probably many of the same things your parents said as well (at least if you were a child in the 60s!)

Don’t sit so close to the tv…you’ll ruin your eyes. (if they could see kids and their screens today!)

Don’t cross your eyes…they’ll stick that way. (has that ever happened to anyone. ever?)

Close the door…you weren’t raised in a barn (huh??)

If all the other kids jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?  (well….I really did jump off a bridge one time because everyone else was -it was just as dumb as my parents implied!)

Stop jumping on the bed!

A fair is a carnival that comes to town once a year – life is not fair.  (indeed)

Someone better be bleeding.  (really??)

Clean your plate.  Children around the world are starving.  (I’m not sure my eating was solving any major world problems.  Just sayin.)

Wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident.  (It would have been funny to call one day and say, “I’ve been in an accident and I have the wrong underwear on!”  Then again, maybe not.)

Stop crying – or I’ll give you a reason to cry. (Not so much of a threat as an exasperation!  I cried a lot – a lot! – as a child.  It seemed appropriate at the time but, now as a parent, I don’t really know how they were so patient!)

BORROWING – books from the library…something I have not done in ages!  I am determined to read more this year – yeah for 2020 goals:)  I have more than a few books on my Kindle – either saved or started – that I want to actually finish.  Books on Kindle have become my default and I have not read an actual book in too long.  I enjoy it.  But, even more, I had forgotten how much I simply enjoy going to the library.  Browsing through books is fun, relaxing and almost therapeutic – all at the same time.  Now, I just need to remember to return them on time!!

FEELING -so over the election news.  And the ads.  And it is only March.  Huge sigh.

RECOMMENDING – I have to admit, this one stumped me.  Recommending what?  My favorite Amazon purchase?  A new restaurant find?  Or the latest book I read?  I have none of those.  I’m just that boring.  But with spring in the air, on my mind and even just around the corner, I “recommend” you:  get a pedicure (for the sheer pleasure), go shoe shopping (time to pack away the boots!), make Easter plans early (and reservations, if necessary…I always wait too late), and get outside.  I am a homebody and I’ve spent the last three months snuggled inside.  It is definitely time for me to change my routine and to reenergize – by soaking in the air and vitamin D outside!

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20 thoughts on “Currently: March 2020

  1. I overthink everything too. Great minds. We are just ‘deep’ that way!! I struggled with these prompts and still don’t have my post finished. Borrowing library books, over here also, for the first time in a while.
    Going to get my spring decorations out this week. Good for you to have a start on that. And to be ready to embrace sunshine and spring.

    1. Leslie – we truly are brilliant minds!! So glad you stopped by…and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on these prompts!! Happy thoughts of spring:)

  2. Jennifer, I can relate to so many of your mentions! And I love your ‘recommends.’ Browsing the library stacks…it can feel so luxurious. When we had babies and I needed a break, I’d head over with a cup of coffee and just browse for an hour after my husband came home. It was blissful. A rich way to spend an hour. Happy reading!

    1. I certainly remember the days when the library was the perfect retreat. When my children were littles, I could walk to our public library. Indeed – blissful:)

  3. I think a lot of people used the library for borrowing this month – I know I did! I really do love browsing books at the library, or just hanging out and reading. It can be so relaxing sometimes.


    1. I did notice that several were borrowing books:) Isn’t it good to know that libraries have not completely gone by the wayside??! Thanks for stopping by, Lauren!

  4. Ugh, we had to do some car fixing recently too (or, more accurately, have the mechanics do some car fixing) – always a hassle, but glad it’s done. And thank you for the pedicure recommendation – that sounds like a delightful excuse for me to go get one 🙂

    1. I do hope your car repair was not a major drain (of joy and finances!) When you get that pedicure, choose a fun springy color:)

  5. Same on the feelings with the elections! I am so glad I’ve been DVRing all my shows and can just fast forward through them. Also, if you watch them OnDemand you can skip that non-sense! The radio and social media are a whole other story though. Those are harder to block out.

    1. I hear ya! We avoid it one place…only to be blasted somewhere else. I can’t seem to avoid restaurants with whoa too many tvs! I just came for dinner, thank you!:)

  6. I found the prompts this month a challenging as well. Yes, I’ve seen Daffodils popping up around here too. I’m ready for some Vitamin D myself! Thanks for stopping by ACAC.

  7. Great recommendations! I will need a pedicure as it starts to warm up outside. March does come in like a lion and go out like a lamb!

  8. I enjoyed reading all the quotes from your mom. Yes, my mom and grandmother used to say those all the time too. Yea for your hubby knowing all the right people to get those repairs done. Have a great weekend.

    1. Those quotes make me smile:) I’m glad you stopped by today!! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  9. The hollowing wind! Yes, I remember the winter hollowing winds when I grew up in Iowa. Texas has some strong winds during March too. I am with you on being over the election news. Sigh…when will it end? November! That’s a LONG time!

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