Currently: September 2020

Hello September!  Hello fall (do you call it fall or autumn??)  And, of course, hello pumpkin spice season.  I have to make a confession.  I want to love pumpkin spice.  I fall for all the gorgeous packaging and advertising – whether it is for hand soap, cozy drinks, donuts, cookies, pancakes or even body wash and, of course, candles – and while I do like the scent (winning with hand soap and candles) I just am not a fan of eating or drinking pumpkin spice.  It is rather disappointing.  I’m always convinced it is going to decadently delicious – autumn in my mouth! – but, nine times out of ten, I am woefully disappointed.  I won’t take that lesson or analogy any further – but if you have the winning pumpkin spice recipe…please do share.  I want to be a fan.  Really, I do!!  While I wait, here are some other things “currently” happening around here and in my world.  I am currently:

APPRECIATING – the small things…or, more specifically, the ordinary things.  I just finished an Instagram challenge (you can see some of my photos on the sidebar) put on by Whitney.  There was a prompt for each day of the month.  And, honestly, some days I had to think hard about what I could photograph and/or what I would say.  Many of those joining the challenge were so inspiring.  They were not only grateful for their homes – and the ordinary things in them – but they really enjoyed them.  As the month went on, I found myself doing so as well.  Noticing things.  Rehearsing the memories associated with so many of those things and genuinely appreciating all the little things (and the big ones too) that make my house uniquely my home!  I also read a great post yesterday about embracing the ordinary routines of our day (as well as the ordinary things).  It put into words so much I had been feeling in my heart and was so encouraging.  You can check it out here.

ANTICIPATING – that God is going to do some great things in the coming months.  I have mentioned (more than a couple of times) both here on the blog and on IG that change is in the air around here.  Our son moved out last week.  Moved across the country – which was a huge change.  One that has affected us all….especially this mother’s heart!  I anticipate some more changes in the next few months.  We will see what impact those have on us!  Change has its challenges to be sure.  But change also comes with so much potential and many possibilities.  I have no idea all that God wants to accomplish and all He will do through these changes but, no doubt, it is more than I can even think or imagine!  I look forward to it.  Am anticipating good things.  Big things.  Great things!!

COLLECTING – not a lot.  In fact, I am trying to uncollect.  (Is uncollect a word?  Autocorrect thinks not.)  I have been trying to be really careful and selective about buying, keeping, storing, and collecting.  I have purged every closet, drawer, cupboard, and dark corner in this house….and it feels good!  So satisfying. To open a closet or a drawer that is tidy and organized just makes my heart happy.  Go ahead, call me goofy!  If I collect too many tea towels, cake plates, sheep (yes, sheep) Christmas platters, shoes, hair products – you name it – neat and tidy is impossible and, well, there goes my joy.  That being said, I apparently have a weakness for cardigans (they were impossible to purge) and…um, fall decor.  Oh my.

STARTING – my Christmas shopping.  Shocking actually.  I do not typically start shopping this early.  There was actually a time when I enjoyed Christmas shopping…even going to the mall during the holidays.  That time has passed.  Going to the mall is just painful.  Shopping is not that much fun either.  I’m pretty sure it has a lot to do with the above paragraph…I’m just not buying much.  I have noticed lots of sales lately though.  Some really good deals.  And it occurred to me that, although I do not need anything for myself, some of the deals would be great Christmas gifts.  And, just like that, I am way ahead of the game.  Who would have imagined??


FINISHING – two books from the library.  Not finished…but getting there.  I am officially a lazy reader.  I have the hardest time reading books.  So sad, but true.  Give me the free time, I will read blog posts or watch YouTube over books any day.  I’m just sure when the autumn evenings set in – the dark comes quicker, the blankets are back on the couch and I have all the warm cozy drinks at hand – I will start reading again.  Or maybe I’ll just fall asleep!!:)

Currently….I am looking forward to our anniversary – in the middle of this month.  Even though we are not able to travel, we will enjoy a great day together.  Our daughter has a birthday this month as well.  There is a fall revival at church in just a couple of weeks.  I always look forward to these special meetings.  Our speaker had his flight canceled – so it is Plan B….as has been much of life lately.  So far, Plan B has not been a huge disappointment.  What do you think?  September is my favorite month of the year!  There is so much to enjoy this time of year…bring it on!!  The rest of the “Currently” posts will be here. Always a fun monthly link-up!

25 thoughts on “Currently: September 2020

  1. I always love these posts. And I agree about pumpkin spice~I really want to love, but truth is, I don’t. I do love the smell of it, though. I’m currently burning a pumpkin spice candle and it makes my home smell incredible. I did find one recipe that is slightly pumpkin in flavor, so I’ll dig out the recipe and share it with you, but it’s in the form of a cupcake with cream cheese icing. It’s amazing!

    I can only imagine how hard your son’s move was on you. That breaks my heart for you! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer. I will look forward to that recipe!! Pumpkin and cream cheese…it just sounds yummy. And comforting:) So glad you stopped by!!

  2. Well, you are embracing fall and the holiday season. I’m not wanting to be rushed. Although I took thought briefly of how Christmas shopping would look this year.

    It is tough on a mother’s heart when the kiddos move out. I have one 5 minutes away and one 90 minutes away, so I am pretty lucky in that regard.

  3. Your post reminds me of a mantra I repeat…”Something positive always comes from change.” (It might not be obvious at the outset, though!) Good luck with your busy, celebratory month…and with allowing your heart to transition. xo

  4. It does feel amazing to get rid of stuff. I’m having the urge to fill some more bags full of stuff to get rid of. I just hate clutter more and more the older I get.

  5. I’ve started Christmas shopping too. There are definitely some good deals, so I want to take advantage of that. Plus, I’ll have to mail some gifts so I want those to be ready in time. I figure it’s better to start early and not spend as much or spend a TON all at once.


    1. There really have been some deals! I’m just so pleased with myself that I actually thought to take advantage of them…ha!:)

  6. Fun question! I call it fall and it’s my FAVORITE season!!!! Wow! I am so impressed that you have started Christmas shopping, but then again, I guess it is September. So hard to believe! I should get on my list too!! Also, I am with you on the whole “uncollecting” of things. We just took three giant boxes of stuff to Goodwill a couple weeks ago and it felt SO good!

  7. I’m so impressed that you’re starting your Christmas shopping! Way to go! I need to take more time to appreciate the everyday, ordinary things as well, that is a good practice to have.

    1. Trish, I hope you enjoy getting back to blogging. I know it can be not only fun but also such a blessing! I look forward to looking around your site – and to reading your posts! Glad you found your way by my blog!:)

  8. I think when you are around appreciative, positive people or hearing those words often it helps you feel that way, too! I normally start thinking about Christmas shopping around now as well. It’s so stressful otherwise!

  9. I will take a pumpkin spice donut but that’s all. Ha! Christmas shopping – I’m one of those who doesn’t start until maybe November. Kudos to all of you who can jump ahead! I think I will just bask in the day to day right now and not worry about planning. Tis 2020!

  10. My mom and I have been going by the Sheryl Sandberg mantra: “Kick the s*** out of plan B” – and I agree, so much of life has been plan B lately, but going at it with that attitude helps! Also for me so does uncollecting things – such a satisfying sense of control to clean out a closet or a drawer and get it looking extra tidy, right?!

  11. So glad to be catching up with you. Wish we could have coffee today together. It is chilly and drizzly and the perfect day for a friend and a cup of coffee.

    I can completely appreciate opening a drawer and enjoying that it is organized and neat. Mine have all gone to the dogs this summer. Will start fall cleaning and get things back in order. Probably need to start with my closet and night stand!! I really mean to be uncollecting, too. But then I see a cute graphic tee or that perfect scrapbook paper. Ugh.

    Your photos are just lovely. Wish I had known about the photo challenge. I love being home and love the little things that make a house a home. What a great theme to help us appreciate the little things. K-cups, and quiet waters, and snuggly pets. Want to make sure I am following you on Instagram. I haven’t been over there much lately but sure appreciate a pretty photo!!

    1. Drizzly and grey here as well…and yes a cup of coffee with a friend would be perfect today! So excited that you have wondered over to IG. It is one more thing I often wonder if it is a good use of my time – but I do enjoy the photos and the inspiration. So many interesting ladies – doing so many unique and inspiring things with their days!! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!

      1. Received your email asking about your replies to my comments left on your blog. I have to remember to come back to see if you have replied, otherwise I don’t think I get notification that you have left a response. So after seeing your email with the reply apply copied and pasted, I came back over!!
        I tried to find you on Instagram but the photos didn’t lead me to your IG account. And I searched for you by your blog name and full name and there were a number of accounts with the same name. Couldn’t figure out which was you. Maybe we are somehow friends on Instagram already? But I want to be sure!! Ha…and just like that I found you…just tried again and there you were under My Ashes For Beauty…I was looking under Trading Ashes for Beauty. So, now we are pals.
        I really liked this simple things of life photo challenge you did. Your photos are really lovely.
        Even the piggie!! Maybe we could host a photo challenge together this fall? A scavenger hunt or a prompt a day for fall? Let me know what you think.

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