Currently: September 2022

We were out walking in the neighborhood one evening last week and there it was.  A bush alongside the road…completely transformed into a beautiful autumn red.  (Of course, I did not have my phone in order to snap a picture!)  I will admit, it was pretty but surely it is too soon.  I’m just not quite ready.  But I suppose I need to get ready:)  If I do nothing else, I need all of the pumpkins, scarecrows, acorns, and the like to find a sweet spot to sit in my house – other than the dining room table.  Said table is currently (no pun intended) a fall-inspired disaster!!  But, speaking of currently – lol! – it is time for the monthly link-up that is now being hosted by Jen, at Overflowing with Thankfulness.  You can find the entire link-up here.  Even if you don’t participate, leave a comment and tell Jen that I said hello!

Currently, I am

loving – the extra family time lately.  With all four of us.  With Jordan away for the last two years, family time has primarily been holiday time – which is fun but I am enjoying the “everyday/ordinary” times together a lot as well.  Tonight we are headed to Mellow Mushroom.  They have great pizza (which, of course, I will pass on) but it is also trivia night.  Star Wars trivia.  And what do I know about Star Wars??  Not a thing.  But we have a true Star Wars fanatic among us and we are expecting a big win!  Or, at least, a lot of fun!

beginning – not one, but two, new Bible studies this month.  In-person.  I have been looking for something that meets in person and I’m excited about these opportunities.  One starts this Thursday and is completely new to me.  Never been to this church.  I’m excited to study Hebrews….and, who knows, perhaps make some friends in the process!  Online Bible studies have been great and have really filled in the gaps over the past months but I am ready for studying together and in person again!!

ending – our summer unit (Boats in the Bible) and memory challenge with the Junior Church kiddos.  We, technically, should have finished this up at the end of August but we got a late start (due to VBS) and so we will finish this Sunday – with prizes for those who finished the memory challenge and with a fun End of Summer party for everyone!  Yes, the excitement is contagious.  I have been preparing for several weeks….and it so reminds me of all the birthday party years when my own kiddos were younger.  There were back-to-back birthdays in September (with two of my children) so this month was always busy.  Cupcakes for the classroom.  Usually more cupcakes at home on the actual birthday…and a fun party on the weekend.  The event-planner lover in me would have a blast but, come September 30th, the true me would be done.  And exhausted!!:)

picking – out new plants to fill in our front flowerbed.  Or, at least, I am trying.  Everything was starting to look a bit overgrown and crowded – especially the box bushes (planted by the builder) which are not my favorite anyways.  So, they came out.  Now there is a definite empty space.  Or two.  The plan is to let it “sit empty” for a couple of weeks so we can not only find something new we would like to plant but also so we don’t rush to simply fill it.  But, I really would like to fill it!!:)

posting – every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I hope that each of you will stop by often.  I so enjoy – and am genuinely encouraged by – this community.  Thanks for your comments and kind words.  This week, let me know what you have been loving….or just what you have been up to lately…or currently! Thanks again, Jen, for keeping the link-up going.

8 thoughts on “Currently: September 2022

  1. We have a couple of Star Wars fanatics in the family but I am not one of them so I would contribute a big fat nothing to a SW trivia event but like you, would happily go just to spend time together. I would likely eat the pizza (I cycle in and out of low carb eating but lately it’s been mostly not eating low carb); am super impressed that you will abstain from eating pizza. Enjoy your evening out with the fam! I hope you enjoy your two Bible studies that meet in person. Just to be nosy, is the other Bible study at the current church that you attend? I have not done a Bible study at our “new” church (we have been going there over a year now, though, so perhaps it is not new anymore…) but have been thinking about doing one there. Good luck picking out new plants. I’m sure you have a pinterest board or two or could create one to help with the decision making ;). Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Neither of the Bible studies this semester will be at my church. We do not have something like that…and I really enjoy meeting new ladies (when I attend at other churches)!

  2. Trivia night sounds fun! I was just telling my husband that we should go and do this at a local restaurant near us- Huey’s is the name of the place and their food is great and every Monday night is Trivia night. I’m like you and Maria and would not be able to contribute anything on Star Wars, but what fun memories you’ll make together. I know your heart is overjoyed at all this regular time together outside of holidays. It’s so much fun to think about what to put in flower beds! That was when Pinterest became one of my favorite things. There is so much information there! We ended up having someone give us a professional opinion, because we were at a loss. Now we love the way they turned out, but again- we paid for someone to do all of the beds for us. We’re still so pleased with how they look and get complimented on them all the time.

    Thank you so much for linking up with me! I hope your day is wonderful, my friend.

    1. You definitely need to give trivia night a try. It was a lot of fun!! Having our flower beds done professionally would be a real treat!! But we are getting ready to ditch our lawn service….just not super impressed with it all. Now is probably not the best time to suggest that treat!:)

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