Doing, Cooking and Giving Thanks: June 2022

Is your June off to a good start?  I typically look forward to June.  Well, I look forward to all the summer months but, in June, the crazy humidity usually has not settled in like a blanket yet…and the pace is just how I like it.  Not (winter) slow but not overwhelming.  Although I most often do one of these posts towards the end of the month, I thought I would mix it up and start off the month with some gratitude as well as what I have been doing and/or cooking of late.

DOING.  We are still on the hunt for the perfect paint color.  Yes, we have time but it actually is rather fun looking/pondering/pinning all the colors.  We are also making good progress on our “change all the doorknobs” project.  We are putting on new oiled bronze ones…and, boy oh boy, the difference one little doorknob can make!  We are pleased with that project.  We have also been tweaking a couple of our flowerbeds as well.  Obviously, we are not quick decision-makers as we have also been wondering about the garden center…on multiple occasions looking for just the perfect combination of plants and shrubs.  I think we enjoy the process as much as the project.  Ah, and one final project.  We want to add a pendant light over our kitchen island.  I’m not one hundred percent on this one (just not sure it is going to look right) but there are a couple of trips to Home Depot in our future.  Or ten trips.

This month is VBS month at church.  That is one thing I am NOT doing.  Truthfully, that was something (a ministry even) that was for a different season of my life.  It wasn’t exactly easy to say no…but I am really glad I did.  I am (very slowly) learning that I do not need to do every single thing “that I’ve always done” and/or be involved in every ministry opportunity.  It is a good lesson learned.

One other thing I don’t think I will be doing this month is going to our nearby lavender farm.  Have you ever been to one?  It really is beautiful…and this is the season.  The blueberry season also starts soon.  We have a nearby blueberry farm and it opens this weekend.  Pick your own.  Now that might make it on the agenda!!

COOKING.  I’ve noticed that we have been eating out a bit more than usual – somewhat slipping into old habits.  I think we just enjoy it more during the summer months.  We don’t eat out a lot but it is the only reason I have for not cooking terribly much.  I did make these cookies for a recent fellowship – and they were a hit.  A perfect combination of oatmeal, chocolate, and a little something extra.  This recipe includes nuts but I made mine without – just in case.  If they were all for me….definitely nuts!!  As I was googling for the recipe I used, I came across this edition.   Not the recipe I used but looks very similar…and who knew, this cookie was yummy enough for the White House:)

Also, on Monday, I mentioned a need for a hash brown recipe.  My blog friend, Jen, suggested looking for a Cracker Barrel Copycat recipe – which I did.  There were several and I sorta combined them (tweaking here or there) so cannot really give credit, but here are a few to try (this one or this one).  I had planned to make these last night so I could give you my two cents, but that didn’t happen.  Tonight..for sure.  I will let you know –

GIVING THANKS.  I am thankful for fun friends.  Friends who share common interests…and like to shop for me as much as for themselves.  Ha!  A friend was away visiting her family last week and while out shopping found the perfect decorating tray that I have been searching for.  She texted a picture and asked, “Should I pick it up?”  I didn’t see it for a bit and responded an hour or so later.  But after I did, she actually made a special trip across town back to the boutique another day and bought it for me.  I got it from her today…and love it!

Also thankful for my husband…who said a couple of weeks ago, “We should go away for a couple days.”  Actually, we are making plans for a couple of nights away each month of the summer.  Places we haven’t been in a while – or maybe something new.  What a great idea, my dear!!

Let me know something extra you might be thankful for this week.  And, please, let me know what you are cooking.  We are always looking for inspiration!  Happy Wednesday, friends!!  And happiest wishes to another friend – a BFF ever since college – who has a birthday today!! Eat cake, Deb!!

12 thoughts on “Doing, Cooking and Giving Thanks: June 2022

  1. Yay for fun projects around the house! I’m like you, I think half the fun is in the looking/dreaming/deciding. It’ll be fun to read about this as you finish them. Oh, the conundrum of deciding on what to make for dinner when it’s hot outside!

    I feel like I am always in need of inspiration here. Here’s what we’ve had this week or what I’m planning for us to have: I made quiche Lorraine Monday night. The recipe is easy and delicious, but you can switch up what you put inside and make it with only cheese or some veggies. For one quiche, I used 4 eggs, 1 cup of milk, salt and pepper to taste- I whisked those together, poured it into a frozen pie crust, then added the diced ham and shredded cheese. You bake it for 35-45 minutes at 375, or until an inserted knife comes out clean.

    We had tacos/nachos last night and tonight we’ll have leftovers. I’m not sure about tomorrow night. I feel like in the summer, we eat lots of salads, sandwiches, grilled meats (fish, chicken) and cold pasta salads. I like to keep fruit on hand and I may try my hand at kabobs next week- I had the best chicken/pineapple kabobs at a local restaurant Monday night when I ate dinner with my friend.

    Hopefully one of those things will give you a tiny bit of inspiration. I feel you on this one, my friend! I hope you have the best day!

    1. Thanks for so many great ideas! Definitely some inspiration. In fact, I think I will make quiche tonight…to go with those hash browns!:)

  2. “Enjoying the process as much as the project…” Yes! It is fun to dream about and plan for projects so I definitely agree with you. Our weather has been so nice here, too. A little muggy with rain here and there but the temperature hasn’t been bad at all. The weather has not had me pining for fall, put it that way! One thing that I made last night is homemade Mexican/ Spanish rice. I had been buying a mix for it at the store but didn’t have a mix so I made some from scratch. The rice turned out really good and I loved that it didn’t come from a box! It’s from the site, the Spruce Eats- do a search on Mexican rice. Of course this is not keto friendly due to rice’s carb content but maybe you could use cauliflower rice in its stead? Hooray for kind and thoughtful friends! I hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Maria! My husband loves Mexican rice. I am going to the site this morning…and will check it out. And I definitely think I can make it low carb. Great idea! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. I’ve made one of the Cracker Barrel hash brown recipes several times for church potlucks, etc and it has always been a big hit. What a sweet friend. Friends and family are the best. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Love your post Jennifer! Especially the “doing” secrion. Oh my am I a “doer”. I like that you were able to discern not to do VBS this year, and that you don’t have to do all the things you used to do. I get stuck there often. Seasons change, and what we did in one season may not be for us right now.
    Good luck on finding that perfect paint color!

  5. Well done on managing to decline the VBS month – sometimes we have to acknowledge that we have played our part in the past and it is time for someone else to pick up the baton and take our place. Easier said than done sometimes though!
    We are trying to introduce a few vegetarian meal days into our routine and tonight is a ‘veggie’ night so I am cooking a really simple roasted red pepper and courgette pasta dish that has a tomato sauce with halloumi cheese.
    Good luck with the paint choice – why is it so hard to find the right one? Why are there so many colours?!!!

  6. I have always enjoyed the process of home projects as it meant time with my husband 🙂 Much wisdom in knowing when to say “no”. Sometimes we need to let go of the things we have always done as they were meant for a season. Enjoy the rest of June!

  7. Love the monthly summer trip idea! My husband and I try to get away for a weekend each July (for my birthday) and have the best time scouting out little beach towns on the Maine coast; just far enough to feel like I’m on vacation but close enough to home to make it an easy trip. Good luck on all the home improvements!

  8. Sounds like you are very busy with plenty to do! The house projects sound like good ones. I love the oiled bronze look and in our last house I changed all the bathroom faucets and cabinet door knobs to that. Although I actually painted our door knobs and a light fixture in the bathroom that was silver chrome. I lightly sanded it and then spray painted it with the oiled bronze spray paint. It turned out great But then we moved away from that house and I haven’t been that ambitious here. I understand about the VBS issue. Been there and done that many times in the past, but I am past that stage of life, and actually our current church doesn’t have VBS. We are mostly retired folks here and the few children we have usually go to other churches in the community for VBS. We just don’t have the workers or the space for it. Oh, I love that you will be doing little trips here and there during the summer. Sounds like a great way to have a mini vacation. Gas prices are keeping us close to home. I’m more of a fall trip kind of person anyway. Maybe the prices will come back down by then??? Wouldn’t that be nice? Pray. Enjoyed your post, and just take care…oh, I would LOVE to go to a lavender farm! And our local blueberry farm closed for the season before I ever got a good batch of blueberries. I guess I missed their early opening and by the time I realized they were open it was time to close. Things are earlier here due to the heat. Okay, bye.

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